Mental Fitness

Mental fitness is about the strength of your mind, and your ability to adapt and react to your world.

It can be useful to think about physical fitness when trying to understand mental fitness.

When you’re physically fit, you can use your body as you wish. If something comes up in your environment that you need to respond to, when you’re fit, you can.

If you want to run fast to get away from something or someone, you can.
If you need to lift something heavy, you can.
If you need to quickly change direction or, go up or down a steep slope, you can.

You can rely on your body to do what you want it to do.

Mental fitness is about being able to rely on your mind, and your ability to process the mental challenges you’re facing.

Here are some questions that can help you to better understand mental fitness.

How much mental energy or stamina do you have?
Can you concentrate and give tasks focus? And for how long?
Or, do you have mental fog, or get easily distracted?

What is your productivity like?
If you set your mind to do something, can you rely on it to get the job done?
Do you experience moments of flow?
Or, do you procrastinate and self-sabotage?
Or, maybe you start things and never finish them?

How quickly can you react and respond?
Can you take on new information, process it and adapt your behaviour and response accordingly?
How quickly can you do that?
Or, do you struggle with letting go of how you wanted things to be?

How do you react to change?
Can you adapt quickly and pivot?
Or do you struggle with change and uncertainty?
Perhaps you need time to pivot or adapt. Like an ocean liner, you can be slow to respond and change direction.

What is your mental clarity like?
Can you think through situations clearly and see a way through?
Or do you get easily confused and overwhelmed?

How quickly can you make decisions?
Are you responsive and decisive?
Or, do you need time to weigh everything up and pass it through your sieve of fears and anxieties?
Perhaps you hold off on making decisions because of your fears and worries.

Are you in control of your emotions or are they in control of you?
Can you process your emotions and use them to guide you?
Or, do your emotions overwhelm you and sap your power?

Mental fitness works in tandem with our emotional wellbeing to enable us to be balanced and happy.

If you’re full of fears and anxieties, then they will get in the way of you making decisions or being productive. If you can’t discern between real fear and anxiety (a false fear) then it will be hard to allow your emotions to help and guide you through life. When you are heavy with emotions and trauma it tires your system and impacts your mental energy and ability to think clearly.

The two are very closely linked, and it’s hard to work on one, without acknowledging the other. But it can be useful to use either one as a focus to help give you direction.

If improving your productivity is important to you, then this will help you to uncover the conflicts and fears that will be getting in the way of that. And, once you heal those conflicts and fears, not only will your productivity improve, but you will have improved your emotional resilience too.

To read more about how mental fitness affects you, and how you can go about improving it, here are some blogs posts you might find worth reading.

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