The Head Trash Story

Hey! My name is Alexia and I love nothing more than to hunt down and to clear anything within me that is keeping me from being happy and experiencing peace. This page is all about my ‘Head Trash Story’ – so tune in!

As you know, I am the developer of Head Trash Clearance, a potent method for clearing your head trash. And by that I mean fears, phobias, anxieties traumas, self-sabotage behaviours, and crappy beliefs… basically anything that gets in the way of you feeling awesome!

Where it all started – The Head Trash Story

It all started when I was pregnant when I realised I had MASSIVE fears around pregnancy and birth. At the time I was an emotional hot mess suffering from depression, anxiety and hardcore grief from losing my mother suddenly to cancer.

My fears were so great that I was relieved when I miscarried. I later discovered that I had tokophobia – the extreme fear of pregnancy and birth – but at the time I didn’t know this was actually a Thing. I just thought I was totally messed up.

So I hunted down my shadows. I wanted to get to the bottom of why I was feeling the way I was, and I wanted to sort it out. I spent the year following my miscarriage untangling my anxiety and depression, so by the time I was pregnant again I wasn’t a total mess. But I was still a massively fearful hot mess. Fearful to the point that I decided that the only way I’d give birth was with lots of drugs, and preferably enough to knock me out cold for the main event.

Life forced my hand

I was also very skint and did not have the kind of therapy budget I imagined I’d need to sort my head out in time for the birth. So I improvised. I took everything I’d learned about mindset and emotional health and came up with a way of clearing my fears on my own, without the need for a therapist.

It worked so well that within three months I ditched my c-section plan for a home birth plan and ended up having an incredible home birth. And it was pain free! Something I never thought was possible.

My first real test worked!

But for some reason, I still wasn’t convinced that my pregnancy turnaround was down to what I’d done and just not some kind of fluke.

So when pregnancy #2 came around 4 years later I was able to check in with myself to see if my fears were still there or if I had really banished them for good. Great news – I was still fear free! In fact, I was totally excited at the thought of birthing my baby. Second time around the birth was not only pain free, but euphoric. Something I’d never expected.

Word got out

Then somehow the word got out about my fearful to fearless turnaround and women started getting in touch because they wanted to know how I did it. This lead to my book, Fearless Birthing and the launch of my Fear Free Childbirth podcast, which to date has been downloaded over 1.5 million times in over 180 countries.

For the next 7 years I worked with women helping them to clear their fears, phobias and anxieties around pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Doing this helped me to refine and tweak my method as I was called to support women facing all sorts of mental health conditions including anxiety, depression and OCD, as well as tokophobia which I became something of a specialist in.

The next phase of the Head Trash story

Just before the pandemic I was approached by people who’d heard of my work and wanted to know if my fear-clearance magic would work well with business-y things. Well, yes it did! I knew this because I’d been using it on myself in this context for many years and it had helped me to overcome all sorts of business-y head trash. And so began the next phase of my Head Trash Clearance work; working with business leaders to anchor their personal power so that they can expand their businesses with confidence.

My method has evolved a lot since the time I used it during my first pregnancy and I have my clients to thank for that. Seeing it work beautifully on difficult mental health conditions as well as in the context of business and confidence is massively rewarding for me. It seems this is a method that can accompany you from the depths of despair to the heights of happiness and spirituality.

But Does Head Trash Clearance Really Work?

Today, I need no convincing that my method is potent. My inbox is full of stories of incredible healing journeys and transformations.

Like Megan who healed her depression and tokophobia in two months ON HER OWN! And Becky who reduced her severe OCD by 85% in 3 months when we weren’t even trying to work on it. And Jo whose multiple six figure business doubled during the first 6 months of the pandemic.

But it’s also because I’ve personally benefited from it LOADS. My life has completely transformed as a result of clearing my emotional shit. I’m now living my dream life in the south of France having uprooted my old life in the UK just before the pandemic. Oh my! I can’t even tell you how many of my fears that brought up for me. Yes, it would have been easier to stay where I was firmly in my comfort zone, but then I wouldn’t be where I am today. Having a technique to support me in making such a leap was a godsend.

Today I still hunt down my shadows relentlessly and that’s because I’m curious as to what else is possible. But it’s also because life keeps throwing more shit my way, as it does to everyone. The last year was one such year and it called for me to go much deeper with my personal healing work. I had old, hidden wounds that were rising to the surface and threatening to drag me back into depression. I was having none of it and I needed to let them go.

So I went inward to purge them and in doing so I developed a new method to help me to purge my traumas. The known ones, the hidden ones and the ones I didn’t even know were there. I emerged from this hell-hole even lighter and more at ease than before. All the purging and pain was worth it!

What drives me today – Continuing the Head Trash Story

The thing that drives me today is helping people like you to clear your head trash … without me. I want you to feel empowered to heal yourself. Yes, I can show you how, but I don’t want to need to be there to do it FOR YOU. I don’t want to be a therapist with a busy practice because that would limit how many people can benefit from my work.

Once you know how to do this for yourself, you can get rid of your head trash any time you like. You are in charge. No need to rack up huge coaching, counselling or therapy bills, or be stuck high and dry as an emotional hot mess … like I was!

This is why I’m obsessed with making my methods DIY and easy to use – and that’s the background of the Head Trash story! Yes, there is a professional version that goes much deeper and is more extensive. But I always ensure there is a version that people like you can use on themselves.

If you’re interested in Professional Training, head over here to find out more.

I see my job as the Shadow Hunter and I’m really good at it. I can spot head trash a mile away, and I can tell you what you need to do to get rid of it… so that YOU can clear it. Not me.. you!

So if you’re up for clearing your head trash, you’re in the right place.