This site will help you to clear your head trash so that you can calm the chatter and create some headspace.


Life today is hectic! There are distractions all over the place and the demand for our time and attention can leave us feeling frazzled and stressed. When you add to that the endless chatter that’s going on in our heads, it can quickly feel out of control.

The time is right to calm the chatter so that you can have the head space to stop, think and just be. But how do we do that? We’re told that mindfulness and meditation are great places to start. But there’s an alternative; head trash clearance!

This site is the home of head trash clearance; a powerful and easy clearance technique that you can use to clear your head trash and free up more head space. We have lots of resources to help you on your head trash clearance journey, whether that’s The Head Trash Show podcast to help you better understand what’s going on in your head, or our meditation and courses to help you get cracking with your clearance, we have something for everyone.

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“Great show and topic. Tips that help us to get out of that negative head space. So important for our health and happiness. Thank you!”


My story…

Hello…my name’s Alexia and around twelve years ago, I was a busy fool; a highly stressed cog in the system that encourages us to spend money we don’t have on stuff we don’t need. As a marketer in the beauty industry it was my job to find ways to make women want to spend their money on products that would make them “feel better” all the while knowing that if you want to feel better, you needed to start on the inside and not in a shop. It took just one phone call to change everything; my adorable mother had cancer. When I said goodbye six weeks later, I didn’t realise that the emptiness I was feeling could actually get any worse. But it did. And so began a long and desperate search for happiness and meaning. A search that I would turn into my work.
After training to be a coach, I quit my job and got to grips with the inside of my head by learning the workings of the mind. Of course, I tested everything I learned on myself because, let’s face it, I needed this stuff more than most. As a personal brand coach, I helped my clients to discover and reconnect with their authentic selves, which actually helped me to discover mine. In life, there are no coincidences!

Once I’d figured out who I was again, I realised that it was no coincidence that I happen to be one of the first people to be trained in an incredibly powerful new emotional clearance technique. I can’t tell you how much I needed it at the time. I was still spinning out from losing my mum. This new technique blew me away; it was actually making a difference to how I felt. I started to let go of all my crap and feel better; feel human and happy again.

Then life threw me a curveball; I fell pregnant. I didn’t realise it at the time, but I had tokophobia, the extreme fear of pregnancy and birth. I went on to use this clearance technique to clear my phobia. I started my pregnancy wanting a c-section and all the drugs I could get my hands on, to making a complete u-turn and choosing to have a home birth. I didn’t realise that clearing my birth fears was such a big deal until I did it again a few years later. Word got out and I was inundated with emails from women asking me how I did it. This lead me to tweak and refine the technique so that I could empower women to use it on themselves to clear their fears and phobias and prepare their mindset for birth.

Today this method is called the Head Trash Clearance Method and has been used by thousands of women – the listeners of my podcast, the Fear Free Childbirth podcast – to help them achieve their fearless births. My book, Fearless Birthing, is the ultimate how-to guide in clearing pregnancy stresses and birth fears.

The thing is, it’s not just pregnant women that can benefit from using the Head Trash Clearance Method; anyone can! This versatile tool can be used for all life and work stresses, and all life and work fears.

The time has come for me to share the Head Trash Clearance Method far and wide, so that those who want to live fearlessly and with confidence, CAN!

Today, as the founder of Head Trash, I want to make it as easy as possible for people to reclaim their head space so that they can enjoy the happiness, contentment and inner calm that comes with it. In case, you’re wondering why you might want all those things… well, to borrow a well-known phrase from my old world… because you’re worth it!


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