We all experience head trash so it makes sense to want to clear it. At least it does in my mind! The way I like to do that is using Head Trash Clearance.

Head Trash Clearance is a clearance tool that I developed during my own pregnancies and I used it to overcome my own phobia around birth, something which can’t be done apparently. I share it in my book Clear Your Head Trash and I teach you how to apply it to your life’s stresses and anxieties in the Clear Your Head Trash online course. It’s what I use with my clients and what I teach to coaches and therapists as part of my Head Trash Clearance Training.

Even though clearing head trash is possible, some people don’t quite believe it. Like it’s almost too good to be true. So I thought I’d share someone’s story of using it as part of their birth preparation journey. Then you can decide for yourself whether it’s something you would like to try.

This is the story of Amber, who discovered my work through my Fear Free Childbirth podcast and who decided to use Head Trash Clearance to clear her birth fears.

What drew you Fear Free Childbirth in the first place?

I discovered your Fear Free Childbirth podcast when I was pregnant and I had started researching what I needed to do to stay healthy during my pregnancy, and how I could prepare for giving birth. Shortly after finding out I was pregnant, I saw my family doctor who told me about my options for choosing a health care provider for my birth. I could choose between an OB-GYN, a midwife, or a family doctor. I ended up choosing a midwife, which would mean that there was a higher likelihood of having an unmedicated delivery.

I had always seen myself as getting an epidural for the labour and birth, so it was a new concept to me that I could give birth naturally, without pain medication. When I started listening to your podcast, which discussed pain-free birth, I was curious to find out about that possibility. The things you discussed really resonated with me, that giving birth is a natural thing, it should not be so painful or scary.

How did you feel about pregnancy and birth at the beginning of pregnancy?

In the beginning, I was excited, but also scared of miscarrying, since I knew that it was very common early on in pregnancy. Once I had the ultrasound and saw the heartbeat, I was very excited, but I was apprehensive about the birth. Since it was my first pregnancy, I had never experienced giving birth, and I had never witnessed it in person. I wasn’t overly fearful, but I didn’t know exactly what to expect when giving birth, so that made me a bit anxious.

My fears changed somewhat throughout my pregnancy. As I got further along, I was scared of something happening and causing early labour, or having a stillborn baby (after reading about such stories, mainly on social media). I also feared having bad tearing, and loss of dignity during the birth (like pooping, haha, cause I knew that most women did that).

At what point did you decide to clear your fears?

I decided to clear my fears after having listened to your podcast for a while. The testimonials about it were very convincing, and it sounded like a great way to prepare for the birth (I also listened to some hypnobirthing meditations). I still had the fears above, and I had decided to try to have an un-medicated birth, so I figured the more prepared I was, the better.

At what point was this in your pregnancy?

I can’t remember exactly, but sometime around 30 weeks, maybe a bit later. I felt like I had procrastinated a bit in starting.

What fears did you tackle using Head Trash Clearance?

The main fears that I had were

  • fear of the intense pain
  • fear of my baby being stillborn
  • fear of loss of dignity
  • fear of tearing
  • fear of the ring of fire
  • fear of needing an emergency C-section

What was your experience of clearing your fears like?

It was good, but I had procrastinated in doing it, and I was doing it in the evening, when I was usually feeling very tired. So, sometimes I would almost fall asleep while doing it. If I could do it again, I would start earlier on in the pregnancy, and spread it out over a longer period of time.

How did you feel about your fears after clearing them?

I did feel better about them after clearing them.

How long did it take you to clear your fears?

Clearing one thing would take me about 10 minutes, it took a bit longer than I anticipated to clear all the fears that I had decided on because as I mentioned before, sometimes I would almost fall asleep while doing it.

note: when we have strong fears, clearing them makes us very tired. This is because we’re detoxing and our body goes into healing mode which is does best when we sleep, hence the tiredness and need to sleep.

How long did you spend over the pregnancy clearing your fears?

I left it till later on in the pregnancy, so I spent maybe 2-3 weeks working on clearing the fears.

How do you think using Head Trash Clearance helped you?

It definitely helped me to clear the fears I had about giving birth. I was not afraid of any of those things while I was in labour and giving birth, and I had the natural birth that I had wanted, without epidural.

What did you do alongside clearing fears that you believe helped you to achieve your positive birth experience?

I had listened to (free) hypnobirthing playlists, I read books, like Ina May’s guide to Childbirth, and I listened to your Fear Free birthing podcast.

Would you like to clear your fears and anxieties?

To clear a fear or anxiety you first need to identify WHAT you’re clearing; what is the piece of head trash you want to get rid of?

It could be

  • injections or needles [fear of]
  • pain [fear of]
  • losing control [fear of]

Once you’ve identified what you want to clear, you need ONE of the following;

1. The Head Trash Clearance Mantras

This is the script you use to do the clearance. I show you how to prepare this script yourself in my book Clear Your Head Trash.

2. Head Trash Clearance Audio Track

I’ve created a number of Head Trash Clearance audio tracks. These are exactly what they sound like. They’re MP3s of me saying the Head Trash Clearance Mantras, a bit like having a session with me. This means that all you need to do is sit back and listen. You listen to each track as many times as you need to until the head trash has gone. This is usually 2 or 3 times max.

Here are the Head Trash Clearance Audio Tracks in the shop

To browse the Fearless Birthing Clearance Tracks for pregnancy and birth fears head over to the Fearless Birthing shop.

3. Work with Head Trash Clearance Practitioner

You can work with me (or someone that I’ve trained in Head Trash Clearance).

If you would like us to work together, head over here to find out more about hiring a Head Trash Coach.

Want to get results quickly?

I know that for many, the thought of reading a book and figuring stuff out can get in the way of getting things done. So, if you just want to crack on with your fear clearance, then I’d like to invite you to join the Clearance Club.

The Clearance Club is a vault of 100s of Clearance Tracks and Clearance Mantras for a wide range of themes including all the key themes that crop up in pregnancy and birth;

  • Fears of losing control
  • Birth complications
  • Health anxieties
  • Pregnancy fears
  • Feelings of being trapped
  • Weight gain & body changes

But it also contains themes outside of that

  • procrastination
  • healthy habits (the head trash that sabotages them!)
  • feelings of being stuck
  • worries about change and the future

It’s a pay-as-you-go membership, which means you just stay for as long as you’re clearing your fears. Amber managed to get all her fears cleared in one month and that’s all she needed.

Find out more about The Clearance Club.

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