Have you discovered the map of consciousness yet? If not, perhaps now is the time!

The emotional healing journey can often feel overwhelming. If we’re not struggling with our emotions running amok, then we’re wondering if all the effort we’re putting in is actually getting us anywhere.

Has the inner work, worked? Well, has it?? Where exactly am I on my emotional healing journey? A common question I’m sure!

Where am I on my emotional healing journey?

Often, our only way of getting an answer to that question is try to muster up enough self-awareness to try and see if you really are behaving, thinking or feeling differently. The big clues can be found in your life and in your reality. If things are improving – life is better, you’re feeling better – then the chances are the inner work IS working.

But that might not always be the case.

Perhaps you’re feeling better because you’ve just splashed out on something, or you had a great week. But will this feeling stick? Is this the new you?

How do we really know if we’re getting closer to that place called happiness, bliss and joy?

This is what can feel a little frustrating at times. You’re still getting triggered. You’re still stressed. Maybe a little less than before. But is it because of your inner work?

How can we tell?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just grab a measuring device and take a reading?

Imagine if you had just come back from a meditation retreat. And let’s say you could compare a reading from last month when you were feeling pretty down and rubbish, to today, now that you’re feeling more grounded and positive after a great week.

Wouldn’t it be great to know if the meditation retreat had really made a difference? A long-term difference.

What if I told you that you CAN do this?

The measuring device is the Map of Consciousness, a tool developed by Dr David Hawkins.

The Map of Consciousness, by Dr David Hawkins.

Since discovering the David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness late last year, I’ve been working very closely with it and have integrated it into many aspects of my work. It has proven to be such an invaluable tool in guiding my personal emotional healing journey, that I recently started incorporating it into my client work.

What really surprised me was that when I used it as my guiding star for the emotional healing journey, the emotional healing taking place made extraordinary leaps.

This is why I’m really excited to share this with you, because I think that it is something we can all use to help guide us on the emotional healing journey to happiness.

Let me share a bit of a background as to what it is, so that you can start to understand the role it can play in your emotional healing.

What is the Map of Consciousness?

The Map of Consciousness is a tool developed by David R Hawkins and, in his words “it documents the first time that levels of consciousness have ever been calibrated” (using numbers!). It’s that last bit that gets me very excited.

My background in business means that I am a bit of numbers geek and like to be able to measure the impact of what I do, using numbers preferably! We all know where we stand with numbers.

In his Map of Consciousness, Dr Hawkins claims to have outlined the entire spectrum of human experience and believes that it can help us to align ourselves for our greatest happiness and ultimate freedom. This is what my aim is too, so I was excited to discover this correlation with the work we do here at Head Trash. For me, the ultimate objective or result of clearing head trash is being happy, and having freedom, choice and flexibility in your thoughts and behaviours.

Dr Hawkins states that

“every person is born with a calibratable level of consciousness, which is an energy field within the infinite field of consciousness.”

he goes on to say that “everything in the universe constantly gives off an energy pattern of a specific frequency that remains for all time [which means] that we now have a means by which to calibrate energy fields as to their relative strength.”

In other words, we can now measure the energetic frequency of various patterns of consciousness, at various moments in time.

In practical terms this means we can now take a measurement – or a calibration – of people, ideas, books etc and find out where they appear on this scale of consciousness.

How do we measure levels of consciousness?

In his book Map of Consciousness Explained, Dr Hawkins states the following:

“The technique we use for consciousness calibration is the living clinical science of muscle testing, which utilizes the human nervous system and the energy of life as expressed through the acupuncture energy system as the requisite sensitive biological measuring instrument. (The technique cannot be duplicated by nonliving scientific instruments.)”

This is kinesiology, and is a technique you may have come across if you’ve been for allergy testing, for example. A kinesiology practitioner will ask you to put out your arm to the side, and they will apply a downward pressure on your arm while you resist. Where a substance weakens your body, your arm will go weak (and not be able to resist). And, if something is good for you, then your arm will remain strong.

Below you can watch Dr David Hawkins demonstrate this methodology.

YouTube video

When I first found out about this technique, it blew my mind. I’ve been using it for the last 15 years in lots of different ways;

  • to test food in my fridge that’s gone past its use-by date and find out whether it’s safe to eat (the family has not been poisoned yet!)
  • to decide which beauty products to buy and whether or not they will irritate my skin
  • when I’m doing all my emotional healing work – does XXXX within me/my clients need healing?

Where I’ve been using it to understand WEAK versus STRONG, Dr Hawkins explains how it can also be used to ascertain TRUTH versus FALSEHOOD;

“In the presence of truth, the body’s musculature goes “strong.” In contrast, it goes “weak” when confronted with falsehood (which is the absence of truth, not its opposite). This is a rapid response that quickly reveals the degree of truth of anything. Integrity of intention is required to conduct the test accurately.”

This means that we can use the Map of Consciousness to guide us on our emotional healing journey, and we can see where we are on that journey by taking a reading at a particular moment in time.

Dr Hawkins tells us that

“The Map of Consciousness is a reference guide to the spectrum of consciousness, charting the calibrated levels of energy, similar to how a thermometer measures levels of heat, a barometer measures levels of atmospheric pressure, and an altimeter measures levels of elevation.

The measurements are not based on personal opinion or relativistic perception. Because they are stationary, they form an absolute scale. Anything can be calibrated and placed somewhere along the scale as a number. The number is not a judgment or a moral statement; it simply indicates the gradient of whatever is being measured. One important statement about the infinite field of consciousness is that it represents the Absolute relative to which all else can be calibrated by degrees. Calibrations do not establish truth; they merely confirm it.”

The very idea that I could take a measurement of where I was in terms of consciousness got me very excited indeed. Finally I could put some numbers into the picture. Maybe even a chart!!

What are the levels on the Map of Consciousness?

What I love about this tool, is that there are specific levels that we can learn more about. This is helpful for us to identify where we are at personally, even if we don’t have the ability to take a calibration or a reading. Back to Dr Hawkins to explain;

“Each level of consciousness is calibrated on a logarithmic scale of energetic power (to the base of 10), ranging from 1 to 1,000, where 1 indicates existence, and 1,000, at the top of the Map, indicates the highest level that has ever graced the planet; it is the energy of Jesus Christ, the Buddha, and Krishna. The level of Shame (20) is at the bottom, close to death, and the level of Courage (200) is the critical point of truth and integrity. Love (500) is the gateway to the spiritual domain.

The level of Courage (200) marks the shift from negative to positive energy. It is the energy of integrity, self-honesty, and real empowerment. The levels of consciousness below Courage are antilife (force), whereas the levels above it are supportive of life (power).

We tend to seek out people over the critical level of 200. We say they are “high,” and we appreciate their “positive” energy. Their environment is safe and clean. Animals are attracted to them. They have a green thumb and positively influence everyone around them. At the level of Courage, the negative feelings have not all disappeared, but there is sufficient energy to handle them, because one has reowned self-adequacy. The fastest way to move from the bottom to the top is by aligning with truth and love.”

Essentially, it can be useful to think of the Map of Consciousness as a scale from 0 to 1000, with the following that marks different points on the scale;

Here is the Head Trash version of the Map of Consciousness

You’ll notice that I’ve incorporated the Head Trash Ladder of Healing, where each ball denotes the level of head trash you have or have cleared. You can read more on that here:

The Ladder of Healing
How the Ladder of Healing can help you

How I’ve been using the map of consciousness on my emotional healing journey

The first thing I did was take readings at different times in my life. I was really interested to find out how my consciousness had changed over time;

  • when did it go up or down?
  • could I observe a correlation between things that I did and my level of consciousness?
  • was there a link between things that happened to me in my life and my level of consciousness?

And based on all that, could I identify things that had a real impact on my level of consciousness. What I really wanted to know was if there was, could I double-down on those things?

This continues to be an exploration for me and I will share more as I continue to uncover things. But what I will say at this stage is that I’ve figured out those things that have an impact and I AM doubling down on those things.

Stay tuned for more on this.

How do you think you would use knowledge like this on your emotional healing journey?

Let me know in the comments. I’d love to know.

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