You’re invited to join me for a series of Free Live Trauma Healing Activation Sessions starting on October 6th 2022.

I decided to run this series of Free Live Trauma Healing Activation Sessions because I know that a lot of people are struggling a lot right now. The world has gone to shit and there’s constant stream of fear and conflict coming our way. Added to that we have massive levels of uncertainty around things that we’ve long taken for granted like access to affordable food and heat. It’s easy to see why stress levels are off the charts.

Navigating this storm is made much harder if you weren’t feeling that great in the first place.. and now all this!

Even though I can’t magic away the financial uncertainty and rising costs of energy and food, what I can do is help you to feel stronger and better able to cope. And the best way I can do that is by helping you to let go and heal from your traumas.

Your traumas are often be the source of your day-to-day fears and emotional triggers. So if the current uncertainties are making you feel fearful and stressed, then this is going to be made a lot worse if you have unresolved traumas. Healing from your traumas is one of the best ways to to reduce the stress and anxiety you experience each day.

Live Trauma Healing Activation Sessions

During this series of free live trauma healing activation sessions, I will be addressing some universal themes that we all suffer from. Themes like, abandonment, rejection, betrayal and humiliation. I did a blog and podcast about this recently where I dive into the 5 most common traumas we all suffer from which is worth checking out. In it I describe how these wounds show up for you, but also how you can weaken these wounds through using my Head Trash Clearance method.

You can read the blog and listen to the podcast here: 5 emotional wounds we all suffer from


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What is a Trauma Healing Activation?

I believe that we all have an innate ability to heal ourselves. We simply need to be supported and guided. And that’s what I want to help you with.

My guiding force with my Head Trash work is to empower people to heal themselves. This is why I always seek to create DIY versions of my healing method so that people can take charge of their personal healing. You can find the DIY version of the Head Trash Clearance method in my book Clear Your Head Trash.

Of course there are going to be times when we need someone else to support us or to help us get started, but ultimately the healing happens within.

Even a surgeon doesn’t heal our broken bones. They get rid of the things that are preventing our body to full heal. Once they’ve done that, it’s us that heals ourselves.

The same goes for emotional healing. This is why I call my sessions Trauma Healing Activation sessions because my aim is simply to activate the healing in you by removing all the things that are preventing you from healing.

More about the Trauma Healing Activation Sessions

These sessions will be held weekly every Thursday at 2pm UK time, and they will run from early October until the end of 2022. You only need to sign up once for the whole series. But don’t worry about forgetting about them because you will get reminded in advance of each session every week.

You can find out more about these Live Trauma Healing Activation sessions on the dedicated sign up page over here: Live Clearances

How to sign up

To sign up for these Live Trauma Healing Activation sessions head over to the dedicated sign up page over here: Live Clearances
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