I have head trash book news!

I recently asked for your help with my new head trash book cover and to be honest I can’t believe how many votes I got. In case you missed all the action, here are the two designs I was asking for feedback on. Essentially I needed to choose between: the turquoise/blue or the red/pink one.

head trash book

I’m HUGELY grateful for everyone’s feedback. It really helped… BUT … there was no outright winner. Not enough for it to be a no-brainer decision anyway. So I’ve had to go with my gut/intuition. Of course, in doing so, a ton of head trash piled in… oh, the irony!

“What if I make the wrong decision?” 

“If sales tank then all those who voted for the other design will say ‘I told you so’” 

A lot of people told me that they preferred the blue because it was calming…. to reinforce this point, I also had people tell me that the red was scary and alarming. But LOTS of people also told me they loved the red because it was more on brand… and because it stood out << super important that last one!

This forced me to get really clear as to what I felt my book was about. I knew already: clearing head trash. But was I selling calmness? Should I have a calming blue cover? My gut was saying no.

The Head Trash brand is not about a helping you to achieve a calming oasis of bliss and I don’t claim to help you get to that. Experiencing calmness is just one of the ways you can benefit from clearing your head trash. The brand is about meeting you where you’re at, RIGHT NOW: with a head full of head trash, and all the not-always-pleasant thoughts and feelings that you’re experiencing.

Head Trash Clearance won’t necessarily help you to feel calm in the way that the Headspace or Calm app might do by using calming meditations that distract you from the noise in your head. But, with repeated use, absolutely! Calmness is one of the fantastic side effects of clearing head trash, but there are others… like better sleep, better relationships, better health, more focus, improved confidence and less self-sabotage … to name but a few. Why should the head trash book focus on just one of these?

To clear your stuff, the first thing you have to do is face up to your crap, and for some people, that can be alarming (RED) and painful (RED) and scary (RED).

If you face up to it AND you DO THE FRIGGIN WORK, only then will you get to a calm place. But it might not be an overnight thing. And just reading the head trash book won’t get you there. So for me, selling “calming” didn’t feel right. Sure, on the cover I’m saying “calm the chatter”. The chatter being that relentless noise in your head. It’s one thing turning the volume down in your head, and quite another being transported to a blissful beach of calmness. There’s a bit of gap there which I feel I have to be honest about.

So for those who were hoping for a calming blue cover, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait. I went for the red one!

(But I did listen to your comments on the overall cluttered-ness of the cover. And that’s been sorted.)

The book is weeks from launch. I’m just going through the final edits from my editor and I’m loading it onto Amazon. If you want to sign up to be alerted when it’s released (and find out which day it’s going to be FREE) then sign-up at the link below. Where you can also see the final design!!


… and sign up to be alerted when it’s launched.

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