When you have a lot of head trash – stress, fears, anxieties, self-doubts etc – it saps your emotional resilience.

The more head trash you have the less resilient you are. This means that it doesn’t take a lot for you to get wound up, anxious, stressed, angry or upset. In other words, you get emotionally triggered.

Think of a glass of water.

If the glass is nearly full and it gets knocked, then the chances are some water will get spilled.

If the glass is half full, unless it’s a big knock, then it’s unlikely to spill any water.

If the glass is empty, then you KNOW that you won’t spill anything. And even if more water is added, you know you’ve got plenty of room before it might spill.

The amount of water in the glass is like your head trash.

The more you have, the more likely that the knocks of life will lead to you losing your shit (spilling water). This means that you’re more likely to cry, get angry, get stressed, bite someone’s head off… you name it.

Whereas if you take the time to clear your head trash, then you’re less likely to lose your shit when you get knocked or when things get tricky for you.

This means that you can deal with more stuff.

You can handle difficult situations. You have a sense that you can cope with stuff. You bounce back easily from set-backs.

While you’re full of head trash, all this will be out of reach for you.

If you’re heading into a situation that has the potential to be challenging for you,

you’ll increase your chances of coping and coming out on top, if you clear your head trash first.

You’re basically emptying your glass.

This means that if it gets knocked or more water gets added, then you won’t get any spillage.

By emptying your glass in advance, you’re giving yourself more capacity to deal with new crap.

Challenging situations tend to trigger and highlight new head trash for us, so this can quickly add water to your glass. If your glass is full, you’re screwed and this situation could crush you emotionally.

When should you do a burst of head trash clearance?

Situations that would warrant a burst of head trash clearance like this are things like

  • preparing for birth or parenthood
  • starting a new business or job
  • moving house or countries
  • physical challenge like a marathon or climbing a peak like Everest

Basically any situation where your mettle is going to be tested and you’re going to need to dig deep. You can’t dig deep when you keep hitting a patch of head trash.

So if you want to increased your chances of you holding your shit together and come out smiling, then clear your head trash.

Your sanity and mental health will love you for it.

If you want to tackle your head trash and empty your glass, then our Clear Your Head Trash online course is a great place to start.

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