You’ve all heard the saying that “money doesn’t grow on trees”. Well, that’s a load of BS.

Money DOES grow on trees. And here’s my proof…

I’m sharing this story – TRUE story – with you so that you can open your mind to the possibilities of what can happen, when you heal at a deep level. When my client shared this with me it made me all goosebumpy.. so here goes!

As part of a deep wound-healing program, my client’s intention in November last year was to find her dream home and be financially free. But, she had some serious life shit going on that needed addressing first so this goal was a bit loose time-wise.

When we started working together Hanna was facing some difficult decisions in her life, because she wasn’t happy and things needed to change. She wasn’t enjoying her job, her relationship with her partner, the father of her kids, was super-tricky, and her home environment was making her ill.

The calling to heal more deeply

Deep down Hanna had a strong sense that what she really needed to help her through this was to go deeper with her healing. Through self-reflection and other inner work, she was acutely aware that she had some hidden wounds that needed healing.

Hanna wasn’t sure exactly what they were, because there wasn’t anything immediately obvious that had happened in her life that stood out as being traumatic or wounding per-se. But she felt like she was carrying this heaviness, an emotional weight. And, she recognised that on some level her life on the outside reflected her inner world. It was time to get this sorted!

So in the October we started working together.

Life started to change quickly

Come November, things had already shifted significantly. Hanna had made the difficult decision to separate and move out. I was astounded at the speed at which she made this decision, as it was not an easy one to make. When kids are involved, it’s not. But she was able to work through and process her emotions to the extent that she could think clearly. This clarity enabled her to weigh things up and make some important decisions, Once the decisions were made, she went into action without hesitation. Hanna’s decisiveness and confidence in her decisions was impressive.

Setting the intention of the life she desired

This newfound clarity enabled her to see how she wanted her life to evolve as single mother. Her idea of what her dream life looked like started to emerge. So it was around now that she set her intention of finding her dream home and being financially free. There was no expectation of time tied to it though and of course, there was the small matter of the job she hated.

First she had to move out and find a new home for a her and the kids.  No small task! Especially given the emotional aspect of all this too.

Inner warrior: Activated!

Like a total badass, Hanna activated her inner warrior and cracked on.

She put her gorgeous “I never want to sell it” flat on the market, and sold it fast. She also found a new DREAM home, put an offer on it, bought it AND MOVED IN, all in the space of a couple of months.

Like I said: TOTAL BADASS.

No resistance or fiffy-faffing going on here!

A total lack of procrastination

It was remarkable how little Hanna procrastinated. Well, she didn’t!

Many people in similar situations are slow to take action after making big decisions. They second guess themselves. They worry about all the things that could go wrong, or that maybe they’ve made the wrong decision.

All of this tends to slow people down. But Hanna didn’t have any of this. It seemed that the wound-healing that we had already done, was addressing a lot of the surface behaviours that usually lead to procrastination. We didn’t tackle procrastination directly so this was bonus for Hanna.

And then life started flowing

Once she has made her big decision and took action, things in Hanna’s life took on a new energy. Life started flowing for Hanna. It’s like it started re-arranging itself to fit in with her desired intentions for her life.

The first of these was around her work.

With a full-time job and two children, Hanna now had a lot on her plate. She had to prepare her flat for the sale and move everything out.  She also had to move out of the family home and find a new home for her and her children. She wanted this home to be nearer her parents and this meant being a 2 hour drive away from where she was now. So along with all the extra driving involved while she was sorting this out, she also needed to find a new school and nursery for her kids. Phew!

And, as if by MAGIC, the universe stepped in to help.

An out-of-the-blue work situation came about which meant she could still receive the same monthly income but not actually show up for work. Like WTF??

Now she had the time to deal with all of the practical demands of moving the family from one home to another.

It’s like she had a magic carpet that helped her to glide through what was a very difficult situation with apparent ease and magic. Things just fell into place beautifully.


Good fortune continued

I could stop there, because already this is amazing, but I’ll carry on because what’s coming is even better.

Having had her first Christmas in her new home with the kiddos, she was contacted by a local guy. He was interested in the forest on her land. Yes! Her new home came with its own forest!!! (I’m not making this up)

A free forest?!

Apparently her forest is ripe for cutting down so that the wood can be sold. This happens every 20 years or so, then trees are replanted for the next harvest.

This local wood trader had been trying to get in touch with the previous owner to sell him the wood but they had died. Their next of kin inherited the property and it took time to work through probate so that they could sell the house so it fell through the cracks. This also mean that they forgot to add the forest to the land valuation #eek. In the mean time, prices of wood have skyrocketed #yay. So she basically got a forest for FREE!

I could already claim that money grows on trees at this point – because let’s face it, a free forest is exactly that – but there’s more!

There is more!

Once she moved in and was settled she met up with the wood guy to find out what he wanted. He told her all about the harvesting and he shared the numbers with her as to the value of the wood in her forest.

It comes to nearly HALF of the value she paid for the house. HALF?!!!!

That’s more than £100k!

And she gets to do it again once the trees have grown!

It’s like I said;


Hanna had always dreamt of running retreats and now she saw an opportunity to do so.

With this money she started looking into buying some gorgeous wooden pods to run retreats on her land. So she started making enquiries with pod company. When they found out what she wanted to do, the pod company asked her if she would be OK with taking one of their pods FOR FREE so that it could be a demo in her country. Hanna’s in Norway and they are an Estonian company.

A free luxury pod?!?

These luxury pods sell for around $20-30K! How cool is that?

They said that in return they would help to promote her retreats. As if just giving her one wasn’t enough!

Free marketing for her new business?

Starting a new business is not always easy and getting your first customers can be a challenge. So getting free publicity is priceless!

So she’s now going to have TWO pods on her land.

This is a great start to her vision of financial freedom and doing work that she loves.

Financial freedom well on its way

Now she gets to live in her dream home AND make a huge step towards financial freedom.

All this was achieved with 2 months of her setting the intention. But that’s not all that she did.

Let me share with you how she achieved this remarkable transformation in her life.

How did she do it?

You might be reading this an be thinking, well, she’s just lucky. Really, bloody lucky! But that would not be fair to the amount of inner work that Hanna has done. She has been committed to healing her emotional wounds for a while. Hanna’s been working hard on clearing her fears, her self-sabotage and her traumas.

Despite all this effort, she knew that there was stuff that she was missing. She wanted to go deeper. Hanna wanted to heal her hidden wounds.

Your hidden wounds are the wounds that aren’t immediately obvious, but that cause havoc under the surface. They show up in your life in ways that don’t always make sense. All you see in your life is stuckedness and things not going your way. Life feels like hard work.

That’s where Hanna was at, and she wanted this to change.

Healing your hidden wounds: what it looks like

Hanna wanted to work with me so that we could uncover and heal these hidden wounds. And that’s what we did!

So what did we do together during all this?

We healed her deepest darkest wounds.
We uncovered the hidden wounds she didn’t even know she had.
We healed ancestral trauma and wounds from her past lives.
We healed collective traumas that she shared with her children.

It was an intense period of healing for her which brought to the surface many realisations and insights. Hanna became aware of behaviours and patterns that were at play in her life that weren’t serving her, and she was able to put a stop to them. Her boundaries strengthened, and her sense of personal power and strength grew. Where before the prospect of being a single mother to two children was overwhelming, now she’s taking it in her stride. She knows she can do this, and do it brilliantly.

Healing your hidden wounds change you at a fundamental level

Something very powerful happens under the surface when you heal these hidden wounds.

Your energy changes.
This is because you’ve released the emotions that are low in frequency. Emotions like fear, guilt, anger and pride have a low vibration and keep you feeling low. When you eliminate the wounds that trigger these emotions, you feel lighter.

Your perspective on life changes.
You see things differently. This new perspective leads to new thoughts and ideas. Your creativity takes a leap. And because your fears are behind you, you take action without hesitation. People are drawn in by this – it’s magnetic.

You’re magnetic
This is the magic at work. Your magnetism lights you up and people and opportunities come to you. And if you set intentions and are conscious about how you live, you accelerate this process.

Healing your hidden wounds clears the way for magic to unfold in your life at lightening speed.

When you raise your frequency you become a vibrational match for things in your life that were previously out of your grasp. It’s this that enables you to attract the things you want into you life like a strong magnet.

You become a Manifesting Queen (or King!), just like my client.

If you would like to work with me to heal your hidden wounds, head over here to find out more. Or send me a message and let’s have a chat!

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