needle phobia

In the early days of using the Head Trash Clearance Method I was still using it tentatively because I was in testing mode.

And then the perfect opportunity presented itself.

The day I decided to lose my needle phobia

I had just found out that I was pregnant and was at my first hospital appointment with the midwife. She lacked what you would call a bed-time manner and started the appointment by letting me know that today I’d be having lots of injections.

At the time I was the kind of person that needed 24-hours notice before having injections. This was so that I could panic and psych myself up for it.

When she said the word INJECTIONS my eyes popped out on sticks. Being the caring, compassionate person that she was, she managed to notice AND ignore my reaction at the same time. From that point on I couldn’t really concentrate on anything that she was saying; I was busy panicking.

The sight of needles would make me faint

Injections for me had ALWAYS been a big deal. I would regularly faint in doctor’s surgeries. I can’t remember how many times my French grandmother would revive me by stuffing a croissant in my mouth while I was suspended upside down.

I tried getting rid of my phobia once with NLP when I was at a training workshop with Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler (the co-creator of NLP). I nearly ran out of the workshop in tears because I couldn’t handle seeing Paul McKenna waving a needle around on the stage. Like WTF??

Needles to say, NLP didn’t work.

The midwife continued with processing the admin around my pregnancy for another 20 minutes or so and then she announced that it was time for the injections. If eyes on sticks could pop out onto more sticks, then that’s what mine would have done.

She asked me if I was worried about the injections… YOU THINK???? And then helpfully let me know that

“it’s OK, you’ve got a bit of time as I’ve got to get all the needles ready”


And with that she asked me to wait outside while she got ALL THE NEEDLES READY.

As I sat down on that chair I was in a desperate, panicky state.

If I was a religious type I probably would have had word with the guy upstairs. But instead I had a word with the Invisible Being called Head Trash Clearance.

I looked up and said while pointing

“OK. If you’re any good at getting rid of fears, this is your chance to prove it to me”.

Then I used the the super-speedy emergency version of Head Trash Clearance to clear my fear of needles and injections. I couldn’t have spent more than 5 minutes on it because the midwife called me back in for my injections.

My phobia was gone in less than 5 minutes

She decided to pick up on the previous conversation we were having about me being worried about the injections. There’s nothing quite like focusing the mind on the thing you fear while actually having the thing you fear happen to you. Anyway, she asked me if I was scared of them.

Without hesitating I replied that I wasn’t.

COME AGAIN???? Who said that?
Shit yes!

I was stunned and couldn’t utter another word. I think I split into two at that point. One half of me was like.. “Did you just say you’re not scared of needles?” And the other half was like “Yeah dude. This is cool. Just chill!”.

So I sat there in stunned silence as she went ahead with the injections.

The weirdness of losing a phobia

It was weird. I wasn’t panicking. I wasn’t worried, I was just apprehensive because I was in new territory. This was an experience I had NEVER had before.

It didn’t hurt. There was nothing really to report other than the fact that I was fine.

I WAS FINE!!!!!!
OMG! I was fine!!

When you’re pregnant you get to have LOADS of injections ALL THE TIME. And for whatever reason I was seeing different nurses and midwives each time.

And, I kid you not, EVERY time I went for my injections they said the same: I’ve never given an injection to someone who’s so calm.

Is this some kind of joke??? Was I being filmed?


And that’s because I was. I was calm.

I was FREE of my phobia.

And I did it in under 5 minutes.

This experience inspired me to using Head Trash Clearance on all my pregnancy fears. I was suffering from tokophobia, the extreme fear of pregnancy and birth, so I had A LOT.

I cured my tokophobia in under two months. Apparently it can’t be done. But I did it.

Clear your Fear of Needles and Injections

If you want to clear your fear of needles and injections, then please check out the Fear of Needles and Injection fear clearance audio.

Perhaps you’d like to try clearing it yourself using the Head Trash Clearance Method. You can find it in my book Clear Your Head Trash or download your copy of the method here.

If you want to tackle your needle phobia then you might want to clear things like;

  • needles
  • injections
  • pain
  • blood

If you do give it a go, let me know how you get on.

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