comfort zone

Comfort zones are pretty nutritious.

They’re packed with treats that can fuel our growth. Delicious morsels like lesson and learnings, our mistakes and experiences. I mean, just think how much time, money and effort you’ve put in to getting acquiring of all that. It would be a shame to let it all go to waste.

Sadly, a lot of people keep all that shizzle at arms length. It’s understandable. Sometimes it’s packed with painful things they’d rather forget.

But imagine if you ate it instead.

Lapped it all up and took out all the goodness you could from it.

Comfort zones are like rocket fuel

For me, comfort zones are like rocket fuel.

They’re bloody potent when they’re on the outside keeping you hemmed in. Just imagine how much energy is required to keep you stuck and running round in circles.

Now imagine that same energy on the inside activating your power and propelling you forward.

Insane, huh? Rocket fuel, I tell you!

When I think about it like that, I’m thinking I need to order me an Extra Large Comfort Zone with Fries on the side.

Like all food, you’d just shit out the crap you don’t need. But the rest would help you to grow. It would become part of the very fabric of your being. That’s pretty epic.

Not only would eating your comfort zone give you a new burst for life, but you’d be lighter from not having carry it all at arms length wherever you went. It’s a no-brainer really.

Eating your comfort zone will…

Activate your inner power

This will motivate you and give you more energy that will feed your creative flow.

Give you more focus

All that energy spent running in cycles could be directed forward. And the mental clarity that comes with that will startle you.

Set you free

Free to do all the stuff you’ve been dreaming of but have been holding back from. The stuff that will source of regrets for years to come if you don’t take the friggin action.

Help you to feel lighter

You wouldn’t be carrying all that head trash around with you.. all the shame, the embarrassment and guilt from those experiences you’re trying to forget.

Set you ON FIRE!!

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