Do you feel that life is too stressful?

Would you like to find a way to feel calmer?

Are you feeling the pressure from the negative chatter in your head?

Would you like to feel calmer and more in control of your emotions?

Author Alexia Leachman felt the same way until she discovered a technique that helped her to overcome her extreme fears and anxieties. Since sharing it through her two award-nominated podcasts, she’s helped thousands to clear their head trash, and now she’s here to help you too!

Clear Your Head Trash is your essential road map to confront and conquer the fears, stresses and anxieties that prevent you from thinking clearly, doing your best and living with confidence. Through Leachman’s unique Head Trash Clearance Method™, you’ll discover how to reclaim your headspace so that you can get on with enjoying your life and work.

In Clear Your Head Trash, you’ll discover

  • The Head Trash Clearance Method, which you can use to rid your fears, anxieties and stresses
  • How stop being emotionally triggered by day-to-day life situations
  • Where the destructive patterns and habits in your life come from, and how to tackle them
  • How to streamline your thoughts and feelings so that you can think more clearly and feel calmer
  • How to address the unpleasant emotions in your life and move on from them more easily

Clear Your Head Trash is a must-have for anyone who is serious about their personal development. The clearance method shared in this book has been changing lives for years… and now it’s your turn.

Clear your Head Trash book

“Great book.

The writing flows easily, and there are plenty of analogies and examples to keep it relatable. I read it in two sittings and feel motivated to start trying to clear my Head Trash!

So many interesting concepts that were totally new to me, am excited about trying to apply them and improve some aspects of how I approach and deal with things in my life. I don’t generally read ‘self-help’ books but am glad I read this one!”


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“Really recommend.

I have been using the technique of head trash clearance for a while now: the accompanying podcast is great so I’d signed up for the newsletter. This book is great at explaining in more depth where the noisy chatter in your head (head trash) comes from. I am genuinely amazed how such a simple and easy process can clear away pain so well.

The author’s style is easy to read, like a friend explaining it to you and I enjoyed the examples she shared.”


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“Refreshing, informative and vibrant, Alexia’s straight-talking approach to self-help for stress brings focus to your (and my) problems, difficulties, limitations by firstly putting us at ease. Her style is conversational, bright and solid. No heavy research papers or theory!

You may look hard find a more comprehensive, innovative, trash clearance process. But, rightly, Alexia (who admits to walking her own talk) does urge caution not to go for the big stuff on your own, so find a practitioner. Before you think all the answers lie within these pages, they don’t. But, as the chapters progress you realise it truly is possible, if you commit to regular practice, to make a huge, positive difference to your quality of life on important issues.

You can expect results.

I particularly liked her carefully crafted nature metaphor, the head trash concept, and imagining other people experiencing your stuff as part of the clearance process. Seems odd, but I’ve done some clearing and it really does work – phew!”


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