Business Head Trash Clear Out

Ditch procrastination, self-doubt and self-sabotage to
grow your reach, impact and income with ease.

For Small Business Owners, Solopreneurs & Early Stage Start-ups


Step into your power with confidence

Propel your business to the next level

Make more money

Be more visible & own who you are

Master your mind

The ultimate in personal and business growth.




WEEK 1 - Business Deep Dive

Time to get clear on … you and your business.

We’ll explore key aspects of your business and identify the areas that we will focus on during our time together.

  • Your vision: what you want for yourself and your business.
  • Your special sauce: the values, gifts and natural talents which makes you memorable and worth talking about.
  • Your Plan: what are your plans for your business?
  • Your Marketing Challenges: What are you struggling with?
WEEK 2 - The Head Trash Reveal

Time to get clear on … your head space

We’ll take a look at where your business and head trash collide. We’ll talk through how you feel about various aspects doing business so that we can uncover the resistance and the things that are getting in your way.

  • The blocks: what’s stopping you from being more… more visible, more fearless, more successful?
  • Head trash: What is head trash is getting in the way of you expanding your reach and impact?
  • Where are you missing the target? What areas of your life or business are you sabotaging, where goals continue to elude you?
WEEK 3: Head Trash Clearance Time

It’s time to get YOU out of the way!

This session is about planning the Head Trash Clearance you need to do to clear the path to business success.

  • We will review your Head Trash Clearance Prep Book (which you’ve filled in and returned to me)
  • I share with you your Head Trash Clearance To-Do List
  • And we do our first piece of Head Trash Clearance
WEEK 4: Self Sabotage Clearance

Time to clear some of your self-sabotaging patterns.

Clearance Session 1: We identify ONE GOAL that has been eluding you in your business and clear ALL the sources of sub-conscious self-sabotage that have been getting in your way.

This is a meaty session that can bring about transformational results.

Week 5: Find your voice and set it freeee!

What is your voice? WHO are you?

During this week we will take a close look at how you express who you are.

  • What are the values you want to express through EVERYTHING you do?
  • What is your story… you know, the one that tells people who you are and why you’re worth paying attention to.
  • Let’s make sure that ALL the versions of you are the SAME. 
Online vs in person vs on stage vs in writing.

You will be set exercises and work to help you to find your voice and express it powerfully. 

  • Craft a personal story that’s aligned with your values and your business.
  • Ensure your stories communicate key aspects about you/your business and get key the messages across.
  • Identify your tone and find your ‘voice’.
WEEK 6: Head Trash Clearance Time

Time to clear some more head trash!

The previous week will have uncovered even more head trash. Getting deep down and personal does that. So this week we’re going to clear the things that came that are stopping you from putting yourself out there powerfully and authentically.

WEEK 7: Storytime

The previous two weeks were all about uncovering your story and clearing the head trash that holds you back from putting yourself out there.

This week there is no session as you will be reviewing the last two weeks work and crafting your story. This will be used later for things like your bios and website about page, and when you introduce yourself as a podcast guest so it’s an important element to get right.

I will be around for you to send me what you’re working on for feedback so that you can refine it until you’re happy.

WEEK 8: Big impact, big reach

Time to get visible!

  • How do people find out about you?
  • How can you be more visible to those who matter in your world?
  • Podcast? Book? Speaking? Facebook lives? YouTube?

Now we come up with a plan that taps into WHO you are and your zone of genius.

WEEK 9: Head Trash Clearance Time

Time to clear some more head trash!

The previous week will have uncovered even more head trash. The thought of being more visible and putting yourself out there will being up plenty of head trash that we can clear.

WEEK 10: Your Visibility Toolkit

We’ll identify AND create everything you need to put yourself out there with unstoppable confidence.

What do you need in place to reach far and wide?

This week is about getting everything in place. A lot of the work that’s been done already will now start to come together.

  • Your ‘About’ story in all the versions you need – website, LinkedIn, speaker or podcast guest bio
  • Photos. If you need new ones, we can create a brief for the photographer
  • Copy. A word bank for copy for your website .. for consistency and inspiration

This week is a hands-on week where I will be supporting you via email as you pull all the things you need together. 

WEEK 11: Marketing Deep Dive

Everyone’s business is different. This week we focus on one aspect of your marketing or business that you want help with that will help you to MAKE MORE MONEY.

We can geek out on exciting things like;

  • Online course development
  • Website planning or review
  • Podcast or book development & planning
  • Digital product roadmapping & eco-system planning
  • User journeys and funnel mapping
  • Lead generation and content planning
WEEK 12: Final Check-in
How are you feeling? Have we missed anything?

This is our time to go through everything and make sure you feel confident and unstoppable in your business.

Get clear on your next steps and your implementation plan


Clear Your Head Trash online course [worth £299]

Learn the potent Head Trash Clearance method™ and master your mind for good.

A signed copy of Clear Your Head Trash + a Clearance Journal

Keep track of all your Head Trash Clearance in a dedicated journal.

A session with a Professional Stylist [worth £200]

Get an hour with a stylist who will help you to look your best and on brand, whether that’s in person or on screen.

Have the power and confidence to stand at the front and centre of your business



From 3 jobs and a $75/hr side-hustle to selling $8000 coaching programs

Prior to working with Alexia I had a hobby and not a business. I would charge people $100 for a healing session and occasionally hold workshops. This had been going on for years; I was absolutely terrible at marketing, selling and creating a business.

I just had no clue on what to do and I was filled with frustration and agitation as I wasn’t achieving what I wanted on my own. I was feeling depressed because I had no sense of purpose.

I spent less than half an hour with Alexia and it was evident that she was the one for me. Her programme was perfect for me, her Head Trash Tool sounded like magic and I just knew with her being my coach, I was in for a sure win if I did the work.

My frustration and agitation went away, I felt like I was working towards my purpose and I was able to use the Head Trash tool on why I was depressed. It lasted less than a month and I was back to who I know I am to be.

I achieved huge results in 3 months that I know have taken other business owners years to reach.

I was becoming more visible and being more present on social media. I stopped offering single sessions and I tripled my prices. I also created two high ticket coaching programmes that I am now excited about selling.

I was making my hobby a business and I was seeing immediate results.

I didn’t just see results in my business, I saw results in every area of my life. Her head trash tool gives you the empowerment to clear whatever you like when you like. It doesn’t require waiting for a session and she was available during the week if I got stuck.

If you have any doubts in your mind as to whether you are going to work with Alexia, jump just like I did. I was worried about spending a huge chunk of money without any guarantee of results.

In working with Alexia and the Head Trash Clearance tool, I realised I had the power to create whatever I wanted to.

And I have made my money back!

Alexia will kick your ass into gear, call you on your bullshit and be that advocate you need. She builds a beautiful rapport with you and will hold you accountable whilst at the same time, certainly keeps you responsible for the results you desire to achieve.

I wouldn’t be where I am right now without working with her first. No way!

She was the key for me step into power to get my business up and running.


Spiritual Healer and Coach, Lauraine Macdonald Coaching & Mentoring

Here’s what you’ll get when you

join the Big Business Head Trash Clear Out

  • 5 x Head Trash Coaching & Clearance Sessions
  • 5 x Business Coaching & Mentoring Sessions
  • Unlimited private message support from Alexia
  • Online content and resources to help you to refine your business
  • Private online portal to share documents and projects you’re working on


  • Your FREE signed copy of Clear Your Head Trash 
  • A FREE Clearance Journal
  • Lifetime access to the Clear Your Head Trash online course
  • A private session with a stylist




A lot of people come to me asking for marketing help. It makes sense. I worked in marketing for over 20 years and was Head Tutor at Oxford University for their Digital Marketing programme.

But the truth is marketing is only half of what you need to get your business to the next level.

The most important thing that’s going to help you grow your business is simple; you need to get out of your own way.

This means getting rid of resistance that’s holding you back … the self-doubt, the self-sabotage, the procrastination and the fears. I call this head trash.

We can know ALL THE THINGS and still not take action. And this is why. We have head trash getting in the way.

The great news is that head trash can be cleared really quickly. Not only can I tell you what your head trash is, I can show you how to get rid of it. Quickly!

When head trash is cleared out the way, results can come very fast. It’s like magic! ?

So, if you want to rapidly grow your business the secret is a combination of head trash clearance with business and marketing precision. And that’s why I came up with this programme. I wanted to bring business growth and head trash clearance together so that they could be worked on TOGETHER.

It’s only when you look at them side by side, can you tell if the reason you’re not moving forward is because of head trash or just not knowing what to do. Now, not only will you know, but you’ll be able to sort it out.

If you’re a coach, consultant or expert-based business, then this programme is what you’ve been waiting for. I created it for ambitious business owners who want to step into their power, be more visible and make more money, so that they can have the life and business they truly desire.

If you’re ready to get out of your own way and jump-start your business to the next level, the Business Head Trash Clear Out is a great place to start.