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How to Heal a Fear of Vomit

Navigating the Sickening Vomit-fest of Emetophobia aka the Fear of Vomit Hello stomach-sensitive souls! Today, we're going to dive into a topic that might leave some of you feeling a little queasy – emetophobia, a.k.a. the fear of vomit or the fear of being sick. Grab...

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Mental Fitness

Let's talk about mental fitness. You know, just like physical fitness, mental fitness is all about keeping your mind healthy and strong. And just like working out at the gym, it takes effort and dedication to maintain good mental health. For some reason, people are...

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3 ways you can tell that you’ve healed something

When you're on the healing journey, one thing that's really important to know is this: how do you know you've healed something? Why is it important to know whether you've healed? This is a crucial question to answer, for a few reasons. Let me share those with you. You...

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Emotional Healing with the Map of Consciousness

Have you discovered the map of consciousness yet? If not, perhaps now is the time! The emotional healing journey can often feel overwhelming. If we're not struggling with our emotions running amok, then we're wondering if all the effort we're putting in is actually...

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The Judgement Wound

Do you have the judgement wound? You feel eyes on you, even when there’s no one in the room. You don’t need other people to judge you, because you do it yourself just fine. So, you play the judge, victim, and court all by yourself. The voices in your head hold you...

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How to uncover your hidden wounds

Your hidden wounds are the emotional wounds that are contributing to you experiencing challenges with your mental health and emotional wellbeing. These wounds will most likely be unresolved traumas. You know you have them because you're suffering from the signs of...

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How the Ladder of Healing can help you

The Ladder of Healing is something that I've come up with that I now use a lot to help me guide my clients' healing journey. I want to share it with you because I think it can help you too. What is the Head Trash Ladder of Healing? So, what is the Head Trash Ladder of...

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The Ladder of Healing

The Ladder of Healing is my way of talking about the various stages you move through as you clear your head trash and heal your triggers and traumas. I first introduced this concept in my book, Clear Your Head Trash, because I noticed recurring themes and trends with...

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The 5 Stages of the Personal Development Journey

What are the stages of the personal development journey? And, is there a road map of sorts? Is there a known, or predictable trajectory that can help to guide us? I think so. From taking a step back to assess my own journey of personal development, and by observing...

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Understanding Trauma, Alex Heath

In this podcast episode, I'm chatting with Alex Heath about trauma, and getting her perspective. I know Alex from my time working in the pregnancy and birth world, as Alex specialises in birth trauma and perinatal mental and emotional health. For me, birth trauma is...

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