A Peaceful, Calmer Mind
In just 2 Ticks


We all want more confidence in one aspect of our life. Perhaps we’re socially confident, but rubbish with dating. Maybe we’re great at work, but have low self-confidence. Some might feel super confident at things they know how to do, but then feel rubbish when it comes to new stuff. We’re pretty much all united in wanting to improve our levels of confidence in some way of other.

The thing with confidence is that we think of it as being a lack: we want more of it. It’s something that’s not there in big enough quantities. But how about we flip this? Maybe we have oodles of confidence deep within us, and that the real problem lies in us not being able to access it. We’re being blocked from tapping into this wondrous inner resource.

If we proceeded by thinking about confidence from this basis, it suddenly makes things much easier. For a start, you know you have it; you just have to uncover it.

Imagine you’re seeking some long lost treasure. On the one hand, you’ve been given a treasure map with an X on it that involves all sorts of journeys and mountains to climb. Or you’re told that the treasure is buried in the large field behind your house; you just have to clear the earth and eventually you’ll find it. Which one would you prefer to tackle?

If you’re the adventurous type you might like the mystical journey, but I suspect you’re just self-sabotaging. Most people are going to prefer the Dig-up-the-field option. For a start, we just know that if we’re methodical and systematic, we’ll get there. It’s doable!

Well this is pretty much how I see confidence. It’s there for the taking; you just need to dig and clear.


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