Head Trash Clearance

These sessions are magical, what can I say?

Your head trash is anything that stops your heart from singing. If you’re not feeling happy, calm or content then I’m afraid you’ve got head trash. And, you know what they say? It’s better out than in.

And that’s what Head Trash Clearance is for; to free you of the things that are sapping your happiness, confidence and success.

Head Trash Clearance can help you with;

  • clearing fears and phobias
  • reducing anxiety and feelings of panic
  • clearing stress triggers and stressful feelings
  • reducing feelings of overwhelm that paralyse you
  • improving your confidence or self-esteem
  • insomnia and problems with sleep
  • clearing traumas and negative emotional events
  • relationship problems or breakdowns
  • lack of focus or direction in life, or feelings of being stuck or trapped
  • resolving emotional conflicts that tear you apart inside

Working with you has been amazing and life-changing!

Thank you x


The sessions have been amazing!

After some of the clearing I could feel immediate changes and as we went through the sessions I noticed that my head trash was disappearing, some of the learnt behaviours and beliefs had just gone. Stuff I had literally been carrying around for years.

I felt like weights had been lifted and I could truly move forward.


Mindfulness Teacher

Over the years I have explored many different healing modalities and wasn’t really sure what to expect from my Head Trash sessions. 

Alexia is beyond wonderful. She is like chocolate chip cookies and a cuddly teddy with her energy, meaning she makes you feel totally safe and supported. 

The sessions were wild, fun, and a roller coaster of energy and emotions, but with Alexia’s guidance and presence they were also exhilarating. 

We tackled something I had been wrestling with for a long time and since our time together it has popped up and, just as quickly, gone away. 

Alexia is such a gift, I’m amazed (and thrilled!) healing can happen with such speed and grace.


A Potent Blend of Rapid Mindset Transformation & Radical Healing

Our work together starts the minute you book when you receive your very own Head Trash Clear Out prep book.

This will help you to prepare for our first session by getting you to think about what your head trash is. This prep is important for me too because I will use it to prepare your personal clearance plan for our work together.

I want you to get the very best out of our time together and this book helps you to get fully prepped so that we’re ready to start the clear-out ASAP. Some of my clients tell me that just going through this book alone helps to create some clarity… and that’s before we’ve even started!

Oh and did I mention that you’re getting some audio treatments thrown in too? This really means that you get the chance to clear away some of your emotional intensity BEFORE we start… which will enable us to go much deeper with our clear out.

During our time together, we’re going to unpick your head trash and clear it out. The Head Trash Clearance sessions are like nothing you will have experienced. These deep dives will uncover the subtle patterns and conflicts that are getting in your way and you will gain awareness and insights that are truly life-changing.

And, because we’re going ALL IN, you’ll be getting your own head trash clearance homework to do too. You will be learning a powerful tool that you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life in dealing with whatever stuff comes your way. While we’re working together you will MASTER it and be able to create magic in your life for years to come!

In between sessions, I’ll be available in case you need me via email. You’ll be experiencing some pretty big changes in either subtle or life-changing ways, but just know this: you are not alone, I am there for you.

So you have a choice.

Do you to want to dip your toe, or do you want to ALL IN?

You decide!


I had to let you know how things have been since our Head Trash session yesterday.

Firstly I felt instantly calm and in control and confident as soon as the session finished and I kept this with me all evening.

When I woke up this morning, rather than feeling the usual slightly depressed and overwhelmed I actually felt happy and raring to get on with the day. I have had a great day today; confident, got loads done, and totally believe that anything I want to do, I can!

Thank you so much! You are some kind of genius!



Let’s Work Together

Head Trash Clearance Taster

This is the ideal place to start if you’d like to experience Head Trash Clearance.

We spend one month together working on an aspect of your life you’d like support with.

During that time I will coach you on clearing the things that are getting in your way and we will spend time together doing powerful clearance work.

Head Trash Clearance Kick Start

This programme is to help you to kick-start your head trash clearance journey.

If you have an aspect of your life that needs attention then this is an ideal place to start. This powerful combination of coaching and clearances delivers rapid results.

We spend one month going ALL IN. It’s intense and epic. And we have fun in the process!

There is a group version of this that runs a few times a year. 

Head Trash Clear Out 

This programme takes the Kick Start programme to the next level.

We spend 3 months digging into every aspect of your inner being and obliterating your triggers and internal conflicts. You can say good-bye to self-sabotage, anxiety, procrastination and general stucked-ness. Your health and relationships will improve because you will be radiating on every level.

Think of this as resetting your factory settings – just like on your phone! So that you’re all raring to go at optimal clarity and focus. If you’re looking for total transformation, then this is it! 

This will be like NOTHING you’ve ever experienced. I guarantee it!

If you’d like the business version of this, then head over here.



What a powerful transformative experience…Wow! It’s pretty intense and I still feel kinda weird in the head – it’s like the white noise and internal chatter has been subdued!



Thank you for the session on Friday. I had my first good night sleep in ages and woke up Saturday really refreshed.


Finance Director

I can’t believe it! The voices in my head have stopped. Totally stopped!



If you’re interested in working together and you’re not sure what you need, then I’d love to invite you to hop on a call so that I can better understand your needs and let you know how I can support you.