Heal your Hidden Wounds

Would you like to heal your hidden wounds?

Healing your hidden wounds can be tricky. Mainly because they’re hidden! This means it’s you might not really know what they are or how many of them there are to address.

This is what I’d like to help you to heal.

My approach to healing hidden wounds

Here’s my approach to healing your hidden wounds.

An important place to start is to acknowledge that there are those we know about, and those we don’t know about.

Let’s start with hidden wounds you know about…

Let’s say that you know you have rejection issues. You know this because you handle rejection really badly. But – and this is where the hidden bit kicks in – you’re just not really sure where this has come from. This means that, despite your best efforts, you haven’t managed to ditch your rejection issues.

In this situation, I would recommend a Hidden Wound Healing Session around rejection. During this session we would target the various places where this wound may have come from – past life, in-utero, ancestral, your childhood etc – and release accordingly.

I test to find out where you have hidden wounds so that I can ensure that you get the healing activation you need. People are often VERY surprised at what they discover during this part of the session and often go on to have conversations with parents or family to find out more about what was uncovered.

In many cases, that may be all that is required. However, we might find that your rejection issues are also connected to some other wounds, like abandonment for example. If that’s the case, then we need to address the connected themes in order for you to be fully healed on rejection.

I hope that helps you to understand the known hidden wounds.

Now the hidden wounds you DON’T know about…

These are the wounds that you’re not really aware that you have. All you know, is that there are some aspects of your life that aren’t flowing, but you’re not really sure why.

Like a client of mine who had a severe phobia around pregnancy and birth (also known as tokophobia). She was also suffering from body image issues which she’d had since she was a teenager. Hanna had tried everything for both of these things. She’s a therapist so she was well-placed to, but she hadn’t managed to resolve them.

Upon speaking to her I identified the trauma that was at the root of BOTH of these challenges. Once she healed that trauma, both the phobia AND the body issues fell away immediately.

My approach to Healing your Hidden Wounds

One of my super-powers is that I can spot your hidden wounds very quickly. We just need to have a chat.

This is why I kick off all my programmes with an exploratory session.

The Exploratory Session

During this exploratory session I identify what your hidden wounds are and then once we’ve finished our session, I spend time reviewing your list of hidden wounds. During this review time, I identify which order we need to tackle them in so that you get the results you’re looking for, and that we work as efficiently as possible.

I also identify any other healing that you could be doing at your end to support our session work.

Your Healing Plan

Once we’ve had this exploratory session and I’ve reviewed your hidden wounds, I’m able to map out following

  • what Hidden Wounds you have that need healing (not all of them need healing)
  • which order we need to heal them
  • what healing you can do at your end to support our healing sessions

I use this to create your Healing Plan which I share with you.

Access to my vault of wound Healing Activation MP3s

Once I know what wounds you have, I can provide you with access to my vault of Wound Healing Activations MP3 sessions for those themes that are on your list.

Having access to my Vault of Wound Healing Activation MP3s doubles the amount of healing you receive. Each Wound Healing Activation is equivalent to one session and for each session we have together, you will receive ONE Healing Activation MP3.

This means that we can use our time together to focus on the wounds you have that are unique to you. Like I said, I like to be efficient, fast and effective 😎.

Mentoring & Coaching

My style of working is that I prefer to work WITH you, and not do all the healing work. This is why I provide mentoring and coaching as part of our work together.

Providing you with guidance on the other healing and head trash clearance you can be doing in parallel to our sessions, means that we get more done and you experience results even FASTER.

It also means that you LEARN and become EMPOWERED to own your healing journey so that you can carry on on your own.

Healing is a journey and there is always something new to do. I want to help you to become equipped for this journey.

Let’s heal your hidden wounds

You decide on how deep you want to go with your healing.

This is why I offer TWO options for you in Healing your Hidden Wounds: choose from 2 or 4 sessions per month.

Here’s what else is included in this programme;


        • Wound Healing Sessions (2 or 4 sessions a month)
        • Exploratory Session to uncover your Hidden Wounds
        • Review of your Hidden Wounds and healing priorities
        • Personalised Healing Plan created by Alexia
        • Healing Mentoring & Guidance
        • Head Trash Clearance Coaching
        • Private Messaging Support [via Slack]
        • Access my vault of Wound Healing Activation MP3s to heal EVEN MORE of your wounds [equivalent to DOUBLING your sessions every month]
        • Clearance Club access – Explorer level [worth £59/month]


2 sessions a month: £333 per month

4 sessions a month: £555 per month

Healing your Hidden Wounds is a 3 month minimum commitment.

This is because we need to dive in deep to uncover them, but also to allow you the time to do the healing at your end. We all have busy lives and things that demand our time, and I want you to give you the time you need to get the best results.

If you would prefer a more intense approach, then check out my Head Trash Clearance programmes, as these also include wound healing.