High Growth Business Mindset

Highly potent business coaching & mindset transformation for CEOs and business leaders who want to rapidly scale from $10k+ to $100k+ months.

High Growth Business Mindset

As the leader at the helm of the business others are looking to you for direction, leadership and inspiration.

Scaling your business rapidly will require clear thinking, personal focus and unshakable confidence.

To create more impact you will be called on to be more visible and to own your position powerfully.

All this can bring up feelings of self-doubt and high levels of stress and anxiety.

Being able to deliver on your ambitions will require you to hold your energy and focus and not be swayed by difficulties or challenges.

It will take personal power and unshakable confidence in your ability to do whatever it takes.

Now is the time to instil the power and the confidence so that you can be the force, presence and thought-leader you are meant to be.

Highly potent business & mindset coaching for CEOs and business leaders who want to scale from $10k+ to $100k+ months.

The focus is to clear the head trash and self-sabotage that stands in the way of business growth.

We explore the intersection where business and head trash collide in the areas of;

  • Personal power, impact and confidence
  • Sales and lead generation
  • Marketing and branding
  • Personal effectiveness and focus
  • Revenue and monetisation
  • Leadership & management
  • Thought-leadership and visibility

This is a bespoke programme and is led by your needs and that of your business.

This is 5-figure investment.

Last year I found myself in the position of having to go from part to full-time work as a result of my husband unexpectedly being made redundant. Previously, I had made on average about £35k per year as a second income, but at this time I had to replace his 6-figure income to meet our obligations.

I took the time to sit and work out a strategy, and in implementing it, I realised I had hit a very old wall of fear of failure. I had a session with Alexia – ONE SESSION – and it was gone as if it had never been. A lifelong fear, one which had never been tested or shifted, was simply absent from then on in my mindset.

I went on to not only meet, but exceed my target, and I can trace that trajectory directly to the freeing work I did that night over Skype with Alexia.


My sessions with Alexia have been amazing and life-changing.

I needed self-confidence in running my business. I knew some of the things getting in the way, but I knew there was probably some stuff that was a bit deeper that I needed to solve.

Now I’m more confident and that was my main aim.

I’m also willing to give things a try in my business that I wouldn’t have before and I am seeing the results.