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Before you get too excited, let me start by saying this: you can’t book a one-off session unless you’re a member of The Clearance Club.

Why can’t I book just one session?

That’s because head trash is rarely ONE THING. If there’s one thing you want to clear, then the best thing to do is to buy the book Clear Your Head Trash and clear it yourself.

Your Head Trash Coach will need to take some of time to understand what’s going on for you so that they can identify what head trash needs to be cleared.

Let’s say you’ve decided that you want to lose your flabby stomach. You’ve seen some videos on Tik Tok where this guy suggests some exercises you need to do. But you’re worried about doing them wrong, so you decide to find a personal trainer to show you how to do them and make sure you do them for an hour.

Would you do this?

No. You wouldn’t do this.

And you’d struggle to find a personal trainer who would go along with such a request.

This is because it might be that these exercises are totally wrong for you. A personal trainer will want to understand your situation and recommend the right exercises for you before getting you to do something. They will want to ensure that the exercises you do will get you the results you want: a flat stomach.

Just like a personal trainer, your Head Trash Coach needs to take time to understand what you’re struggling with and what you’re aiming to achieve; what’s the result you’re looking for? Only then can they identify what head trash needs to be cleared.

And, I hate to break it to you, but the head trash clearance required is rarely ONE thing that can be done in ONE session.

This is why one-off sessions are reserved for those who have already made a commitment to their head trash clearance journey by joining the Clearance Club

How many clearances will I need then?

Obviously this depends, but here are some guidelines based on my ten years of clearing head trash.

If you want to clear the head trash around a specific area of your life – say pregnancy, fear of selling, unhealthy eating habits or weight loss – then you might need to do anything from 10-20 clearances.

If you want to lose your anxiety then you will probably need to do around 40-70 clearances. This might be more or less depending on you and how strong your anxiety is.

Obviously these are rough estimates because we’re all different, but I hope it gives you a good idea.

This is why Head Trash Coaching packages are a month (to tackle something specific in your life) or 3 months+ (if you want to address something like your anxiety, or your performance/results at work or in business).

Once you start working with a Head Trash Coach, more head trash becomes apparent as you progress. This is because the more you clear, the deeper you go and the closer you get to uncovering the root reasons why things are showing up in the way they are for you in your life.

Deep-rooted patterns and hidden traumas can sometimes take time to reveal themselves which is why the longer you spend doing clearance work, the more dramatic the transformation you can achieve. If you’re after this deeper level of work and transformation, then you need to be looking at working with a Head Trash Coach for a minimum of 3-6 months.

Why work with a Head Trash Coach? 

1. They can help you to identify the head trash that needs to be cleared.

Our head trash is not always as obvious as we think it might be. A trained Head Trash Coach knows how to spot it and then identify the best place to start (it’s not always where you think it is!).

 2. They will save you time and get there quicker

Spoiler alert! Our head trash isn’t neatly arranged in rows of things the same size.

It’s a mess!

It tends to hang around in clumps or knots because things are tied and connected to each other. Like with knots, it also means that sometimes, if you pull one thing out (clear it), lots of other bits come out with it.

When someone doesn’t know what they’re doing they might be tempted to pull each strand out individually. This would be fine, but it will take time (and might not even be required).

A Head Trash Coach will be able to spot that actually only 6 out of the 10 things identified will need to be cleared, because the other 4 will just fall away … if you clear them in a certain order!

It’s like a game of Jenga; you don’t need to take each brick out one-by-one to pull the tower down. You just need to pick wisely. Just pick the bricks that weaken the tower and it will fall all on its own. A lot less effort and much quicker!

A Head Trash Coach knows which bricks to pull to weaken your tower of head trash and pull it down, thereby creating the rapid transformation you’re seeking.

 3. They will make it happen and help you get the results you want

When you first start your Head Trash Clearance journey it needs a bit of a kick-start where there’s a period of intensity to get things going.

This is because most people haven’t been keeping on top of their head trash and so when they start there’s a bit of a clear-out required.

But even if you have been keeping on top of your head trash, perhaps the reason you’re wanting to clear some head trash now is because there’s an aspect to your life that you need support with. You want to tackle the head trash around a particular challenge you’re facing in life; a relationship, a venture or business you want to launch, health habits etc and you want to make sure that this situation is given the best chances of being resolved.

Working with a Head Trash Coach will make it happen. It’s a commitment to yourself.

 4. They will keep you motivated and make sure you keep going

We can all related to situations where we say we want to make a change in our life and then struggle to follow through. Obvious examples of this might be

  • getting fit – starting to run, going to the gym or exercise classes
  • eating better and making healthier heating choices
  • writing the book you’ve always dreamed of writing

(The reason you’re not able to follow through is head trash, but that’s a different post entirely)

Not everyone has the knowledge, focus, determination and persistence to get the results they want in the time they want it. This is why people hire personal trainers, nutritionists, and book coaches.

And this is why you’d hire a Head Trash Coach.

Perhaps you bought my book Clear Your Head Trash and decided that you were going to get a load of your head trash cleared. You came up with your list and got round to clearing a few items. But now you’ve stopped and it’s fallen by the wayside. Meanwhile you’re still struggling with the head trashy things that made you decide to tackle it in the first place.

This is when you know it’s time to get someone to help make this happen for you.

Prices start from £1500+ (approx $2100 / €1700).

Would you like to be a Head Trash Coach?

We’re building our global team of Head Trash Coaches and are always on the look out for new people to join us.

If you’d like offer Head Trash Clearance to your clients then you can find out more about our training courses here: headtrashclearance.com