How I can help you to clear your head trash

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to heal and clear your head trash.

This is why a huge focus of mine is to create DIY options. Sometimes we just need to be pointed in the right direction, right? So, if that’s you, I’ve got you covered.

But, I also get that at times we don’t want to do this inner work alone. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone hold our hand through it. And there are times when we want to share this experience with others.

If you like to have company on your healing journey, then I’ve got you covered too.

I have a number of group events and programmes that run throughout the year, from Healing Workshops to longer 4-week+ programmes. Members of my membership, The Clearance Club, enjoy access to several events per month.

If you’d like us to work together, I have various one-to-one programmes for you to choose from. 


How I can help you heal your triggers, traumas & emotional wounds

DIY – Clear your head trash yourself 

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Group Programmes

Private Sessions

Clear Your Head Trash book

$7 in the shop

Clearance Audio MP3s
Clear specific themes with my range head trash clearance tracks.

$19 in the shop

Wound Healing Activations
Heal your core emotional wounds using these healing activations.

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The Clearance Club
Vault of healing resources, including healing activations, clearance scripts and audios for a wide range of personal & life themes.

from $29 per month

Clear Your Head Trash Online Course
Learn how to master the Head Trash Clearance method for personal use, and to help your family and friends.

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Head Trash Clear Out
Join others in clearing your head trash. Includes;

  • Online course
  • Group Calls
  • Community

VIP Group members also get personal support throughout.

5-week programme.

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Work with me for rapid results & life-changing insights.

Minimum one month.

$7 – $33

$29 – $349


$1000 +