How to use Head Trash Clearance

What is Head Trash Clearance?

It’s a potent DIY technique that you can use to quickly get rid of your head trash. Clearing a piece of head trash takes anything from 5 to 45 minutes.

Why the difference?

If you’re using the short or emergency version, it can take you less than five minutes.

This is what I used when the nurse announced I was about to get some injections at a hospital appointment. I did it while waiting outside the room for her to get the needles ready. I also used this version while I was in labour in between contractions just as my baby was arriving and the thought of the pain of her head squeezing through made me hold back.

A full clearance takes nearer half an hour. That’s because it’s more thorough. I would always recommend doing the full clearance, because I believe that if it’s worth doing a job then you may as well do it properly. But, sometimes you don’t have time, or the situation demands that you need to just crack on and deal with what you’re facing. In which case, you can use the emergency version.

Let’s say your hair needs washing and your shoes are desperate for a clean after you stepped in a muddy puddle in lunchtime’s rain. Ideally you need to take a shower and get your shoe polish kit out. But you’ve had a crazy busy day at work trying to land a new client and your boss has just told you that you need to take the client out for dinner.There’s not enough time for you to pop home grab a shower or change shoes. So you pop out and buy some dry shampoo and use one of the hand towels in the toilet to quickly wipe your shoes clean with a bit of water. Not ideal, but it will get you through. Tomorrow, you’ll clean your hair properly in the shower and get the shoe polish kit out.

Same with head trash clearance.

Use the emergency version to get you through. But, once you have time, go back and do the full clearance. For the sake of thoroughness and completeness.

When to use the emergency version of HTC

Here are some examples of when the emergency version would come in handy;

1. You’re at work and your boss has just laid into you about your report/presentation and you’re about to go into another meeting. You’re full of emotion/anger/shock/etc and you can’t think straight. You need to just calm the hell down and get through the next meeting without biting someone’s head off, or crying and having a meltdown. time to pop off to the toilet and do a quick clearance before you head to your meeting.

2. Your doctor has just told you that you need a blood test and, like me, you HATE needles and injections. You’re in the waiting area waiting to be called in. Time to use the emergency version on your hate/fear of injections and needles.

3. You’re away with friends for the weekend and everyone’s just decided to go and see a film with Nicolas Cage… and if there’s one actor you cannot stand watching in a film, it’s Nicolas Cage. You don’t want to create a scene and think that you just need to get over yourself – it’s just a film! But, it’s Nicholas Cage! What to do?! Do a quick clearance! Then you’ll mind less about the film having him in it and you can enjoy your time with your friends. You might even enjoy it and find out that he’s actually pretty good (you never know, he might be!).

You can find out more about Head Trash Clearance here. If you want to find out even more about it, you can read my book Clear Your Head Trash, where I also show you how to use it and apply it.

What does clearing head trash involve?

To clear a piece of head trash you first need to identify WHAT you’re clearing:

What is the piece of head trash you want to get rid of?

It could be:

  • injections or pain (you’re scared of them)
  • lying or dishonesty (you hate people lying to you)
  • making bad decisions (you’re always worrying about making a bad decision)

Once you’ve identified the piece of head trash, you need one of the following;

1. The Head Trash Clearance Mantras

This is the script you use to do the clearance. I show you how to prepare this script yourself in my book Clear Your Head Trash. It’s pretty straight forward and I’ve made it super-easy by providing you with a fill-in-the-blanks template.

At its basic level it’s a script of 10 lines, but you can expand from that if you want, although it’s not necessary. And yes, I give you all the guidance you need in my book.

Despite the fact that I’ve made this super simple, some people do struggle with this bit. Unfortunately this gets in the way of them giving head trash clearance a go.

This is why I’m providing 100s of scripts inside The Clearance Club, my Head Trash Clearance membership. I want to make clearance as easy as possible for you.

2. A Head Trash Clearance Audio Track

I’ve created a number of Head Trash Clearance audio tracks. These are exactly what they sound like. They’re MP3s of me saying the Head Trash Clearance Mantras, a bit like having a session with me. This means that all you need to do is sit back and listen. You listen to each track as many times as you need to until the head trash has gone. This is usually 2 or 3 times max.

The problem with this is that there are only a limited number of Clearance tracks that I’ve recorded. Especially when you consider the potential number of possible head trash things you might want to clear (1000s in my opinion!)

Browse the Clearance Tracks that are available to buy individually, head over to the shop.

All the clearance tracks are included in The Clearance Club, my head trash clearance membership.

The Clearance Club includes more tracks than you can buy individually. This is because once you start using Head Trash Clearance you become more savvy about your head trash and what you need to clear.

If I sold some of my Clearance tracks individually people who weren’t familiar with Head trash Clearance would wonder why on earth they’d need to clear that.

But once you know, you know!

3. A Head Trash Coach

You can hire a Head Trash Coach.

This option is not for everyone because working with a Head Trash Coach privately starts at $1000+.

Find out more about working with a Head Trash Coach here.

If you read my book Clear Your Head Trash, you can figure out #1 for yourself but that will take time and effort.

First you need to read the book, then you need to identify your head trash clearance to-do list, then you need to prepare your mantras. This isn’t loads of work by the way, but if there’s a chance to save time AND effort I’m all in!

Join The Clearance Club

This is what makes joining The Clearance Club a no brainer. You don’t even have to read my book! Just join and start clearing immediately.

The Clearance Club includes Clearance Collections for all sorts of aspects of your life. Each collection includes around 5-10 clearances in a combination of mantras or tracks. These are basically mini Head Trash Clearance to-do lists. Which means you don’t even have to figure out the individual clearances you need to work on. Just head over to the Collection that takes your fancy, and work through the mantras or tracks that have been provided.

Browse the Clearance Collections available to buy separately, head over to the shop here.