When people first come across Head Trash Clearance they have questions. Understandably.

One of the questions is this: how long does it take to clear head trash?

How long does it take to clear head trash?

Well the answer to this is, predictably, IT DEPENDS!

The first thing it depends on is the question you’re actually asking.

If you mean, “how long does it take for me to clear my head trash?” then this is a very different question to “how long does it take to clear ONE PIECE of head trash?” or “how long does a clearance take?”

Here’s the difference; ‘clearing head trash” is very general, whereas ‘doing a clearance’ is ONE STEP that’s required on the journey that is ‘clearing head trash’.

It’s like the difference between “how long does it take to lose weight?”  and “how long should my run be?”.

To help you better understand and get the answers you’re looking for, I’ve answered these two questions in separate videos;

How quickly can I expect to get results?

This is about how long it takes until you start seeing results. Of course it depends on where you’re starting from, and what results you’re looking for, but hopefully this should give you a good idea.

How long does a clearance take?

This is the actual process of clearing one piece of head trash. So if you wanted to clear your fear of spiders, for example.


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