lockdown boredom

Lockdown is tough, there’s no way of sugar coating it.

Lockdown first time around for many was a bit of a novelty. And it was sunny, which always helps! But this time it’s different. We’re starting to feel worn down and bored with it. Bored with ALL of the COVID thing.

Lockdown boredom sucks

This time around, it’s total and utter boredom.

Before COVID sidelined our lives you would do things. You would commute to work, meet people for lunch, catch up with friends after work for a drink or a meal, head out to the cinema or go to the gym. Now you don’t do any of those things.

Perhaps you hear about those frazzled families juggling homeschooling with full-time jobs with a sense of “I wish…’ because if you were that busy then at least you wouldn’t be so damn bored.

Suddenly, you have an extra 20-40 hours in your week and you don’t know how to fill them.

But that’s not all of it.

Lockdown boredom this time around is proving to be a real struggle and it’s impacting your mental health. So whereas before you might have enjoyed reading, watching films, or going for walks, these things have now lost their shine.

Perhaps it’s because you’re not choosing to do them in the way you were before: now you feel it’s all that’s available to you: you HAVE to do them just to stop yourself from being bored. Choosing to do The Thing to escape Another Thing else is very different from making a positive choice to do The Thing because you WANT to do it. And of course, when The Thing is forced on you (because you have very little other choice), you quickly fall out of love with it.

If this is you, what can you do?

Well I have not one but THREE pieces of good news for you.

First is that there IS something you can do to change how you feel.

The second is that you have the time to do it. And do it well!

And lastly, by doing what I’m going to suggest, you’re going to come out the other end with more emotional resilience. And this will serve you well, whatever the future holds.

What’s the plan?

It’s simple: clear your lockdown boredom head trash.

Lockdown is pushing all sorts of buttons for you and it’s triggering emotions that aren’t easy to handle.

Lockdown triggers could include things like

  • feeling being trapped or stuck at home and your subsequent loss of freedom,
  • being told what to do (wear masks, not leave the house, etc)
  • being alone
  • losing social contact
  • the uncertainty of everything

… the list goes on. This list will be unique for everyone because we’re all different.

The problem with boredom

When we’re feeling emotionally strong, we’re better able to cope with it. But when we’re struggling, boredom provides the time and space for our minds to get carried away with the negative thoughts. And if nothing puts a stop to it – the situation changes or we do something about it – the momentum builds and we spiral downwards.

Let’s put a stop to this and quickly.

The first thing you need to do is this: write down all the things that are stressing you out right now. I’ve touched on what some of these might be already but you need to add to this.

Some good questions to ask yourself might be

  • What do I hate about what is happening right now?
  • What is annoying me like crazy right now?
  • What feelings am I wrestling with?
  • What do i wish I could experience right now?

These questions might spit out answers like

  • feeling stuck
  • being alone
  • being mis-led or lied to
  • disagreeing with people
  • people not doing the ‘right’ thing

… like I said before this list could be endless. But hopefully not.

Once you have a list, you have a plan.

The plan

This list is now your Head Trash Clearance To-do List. To find out more about what such a list is, head over here to read more.

Now you work through your list using the Head Trash Clearance Method.

You can find out more about the Head Trash Clearance Method here.

I share the method in depth in my book Clear Your Head Trash, but if you just want to get going right now then you can get hold of a one-pager with the method on right here.

How quickly will you notice results?

This depends on how much clearance you do. The more you clear, the better you’ll feel. It’s important to maintain momentum with this to get the best results. And when you do, you’ll be grateful you did.

When I work with people on their head trash, they notice results within a couple of weeks. Well those that do the work do!

So, what’s stopping you? Let’s do this!

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