Free Live Clearances

Let go of your emotional wounds

Healing your emotional wounds is essential if you’re to reach your happy place, and stay there.

Your emotional wounds and traumas are the source of your day-to-day fears and emotional triggers. By healing these you’re able to reduce the stress and anxiety you experience each day. In doing so, you will find more peace, contentment and happiness.

Over the course of this series of free live group clearances, we will be healing some of the key themes for the emotional wounds and traumas that we are all suffering from. Emotional wounds like abandonment, rejection, betrayal, humiliation and injustice to name but a few.

What is a live clearance?

The clearance process that I will take you through is the Head Trash Trauma Clearance process.

This is a process I’ve developed and that I use on myself and with my clients. In my experience, it has been shown to be very potent and effective, with remarkable results.

To take part, you need to be somewhere private where you will not be disturbed. They will take place online via zoom. 

The practical deets

These live group clearances will take place every Thursday at 3pm CET (9am EST, 11pm Sydney).

You only need to sign-up once for the whole series. You will receive email reminders in advance of each weekly live clearance.

To find out what the clearance theme is for each week, please check the Clear Your Head Trash Facebook group or Telegram channel.

Please note

To get the best out of these clearances, please bear the following in mind;

You need to be there from the beginning, doors will close promptly.

You will need to be present for the whole time. Please plan 1 HOUR.

These sessions can be exhausting. You might need some time afterwards to nap. Try not to plan for being on your A game in the hours that follow this session – you might be too tired!

These clearances could get messy or emotional for you. You will be letting go of old wounds and memories and this might involve crying and tears. So bring tissues!

What others have said about these clearances

Here are what people have said about a clearance I ran on the theme of men.

“Lots of crying, feel better now!”

“Lots of memories of early years career in London in all male environment of. Feeling tired”

“I realized that the stuff was coming from my mom – it was her stories”

“I had memories of repressed sexuality”

“I’ve had lots of great sex with men in previous lives and this. Haha”

“I felt my mothers shit around men”

” I saw so many incidents of not being heard. Of being the weaker one.”

“I used intellect to feel equal”

“I had a weird feeling… like my brain was moving like it does in binaural beats meditation but it was like dashing here there and everywhere deleting or healing things – can’t really explain it!”

At the end of the session they were like… 

“Thank you, Alexia!! This will potentially be very important as I have a man and two boys.”

“This was fantastic, really enjoyed it!”

“This was fun! It’s fun to be free!”

“Thank you, Alexia!!!”

“Definitely fun! Mainly cos of your positive vibe! Now I’m off to be snotty and sleep!”

“The clearing felt releasing. Not any big releases for me in terms of tears, yawns and such. But I fell very deep into myself and I’m sure there was some old stuff leaving. Like cleaning the house. It was very insightful the part of how much I’ve learned about men through my mom’s interpretation and stories”

And the next day they said this…

“It was excellent Alexia, I definitely feel a lot lighter today, definitely processed through some sh** for me! Thank you. If there’s any more, I’m in – they’re v powerful.”

“I’m feeling more able to discern when men are pissing me off and how to be clear and boundaried very quickly without going into accommodation mode straight away… I’ve had 2 examples today. So I guess I’m not being afraid of being rejected… it’s so subtle but Defo something…


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