Anger is a powerful yet misunderstood emotion. We often talk about being angry, but often we’re referring to a narrow range of angry behaviours. Things like shouting, waving our hands about, pointing aggressively, possible violence as well as some emotional loss of control thrown in for good measure. But angriness can show up in all sorts of ways and while we might not think that we’re angry, other people will be able to pick up on it.

So, what is anger and are YOU angry?

In this podcast I speak to anger expert Julian Hall from The Calm People about

  • what the tell tale signs of anger are, even the less obvious ones
  • typical behaviours that are actually signs of deep-rooted anger
  • what other emotions might be masking our anger
  • which emotions we might be denying or suppressing by being angry
  • how to start reducing the power and impact of anger in our lives
  • how to start expressing anger in a healthy way

At the end, I also share how you can begin to address your angry feelings issues by using our 5 step process that is available free on our homepage (5 steps to clearing head trash).