Your inner masculine and feminine

Do you think your inner masculine and feminine energies are in balance? Does this question even make sense to you?

I ask that because I’ve had some conversations with people when they’ve looked a bit puzzled when asked. They simply didn’t understand the question. The idea of having inner masculine and feminine energies was a total mystery to them.

While I’ve been aware of these differing energies for a while, it’s only really in the last three years or so that I’ve been taking a closer look at them personally.

A few weeks ago I shared some learnings I had around balancing my inner masculine and feminine which you can read here: Are you denying your feminine energy?

I had realised how much I had been denying my inner feminine during my life, and how I’d dialled up my inner masculine to compensate. This came with costs that are really now only clear to me now that I’ve brought about more balance.

Balancing your inner masculine and feminine

I don’t feel for a minute that both my masculine and feminine energies are totally within balance. But now I’m a lot more savvy as to why it’s important for them to be in balance, and how to go about bringing our feminine and masculine energies into balance. But, I don’t feel savvy enough about this to be able to speak with authority on it.

All that I know is that it’s important to restore balance, as with all aspects of life. What I really needed was someone else who IS totally savvy to break all this down for me, and you!

This is where my conversation with Zoe-Anna comes in.

When I was seeking out more information on balancing our inner masculine and inner feminine, I came across one of Zoe-Anna’s articles and I thought “THIS is the person I need to speak to!”. I was thrilled when she replied right back with a YES!

Zoe-Anna does not disappoint. During our chat we explore;

  • What are our masculine and feminine energies
  • What does being in balance look like
  • How do we know when we’re out of balance; tell tale signs
  • What do each of these energies do for us
  • What is toxic masculinity or toxic femininity is and how it shows up

Watch my conversation with Zoe-Anna

YouTube video

More about Zoe- Anna Bell

Zoe-Anna Bell is an International Author, Mind-body Alchemist healing those to soul-led magnificence and spiritual awareness for business transcendence.

She’s written six books on the healing journey, sensuality, relationships & Love.

Zoe created programs for men & women guiding how to balance the masculine and feminine forces in relationships and business.

She currently runs workshops on mind-body healing and how to access magnetic presence as her intention is to restore HARMONY on earth.

You can find out more about Zoe-Anna at her website

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