Are you breathing properly?


A while ago, I remember being really taken back when someone who I’d pretty much just met, told me that I wasn’t breathing properly. Aside from the strangeness of the comment, I was surprised for 2 reasons

  1. How could they possibly tell – we’d only just met?!
  2. I didn’t realise that breathing could be done BADLY… as far as I was concerned I was a successful breather.. I was alive and taking in oxygen… was there something else I should be doing too?

Since then I have learned a lot more about breathing, but only really in passing, so when I was introduced to Michael Townsend Williams and our conversation veered into the importance of breathing, I knew that I had to find out more, and that here was a guy who could help me to do that.

Michael is a yogi, coach and entrepreneur. He went from being obsessed with ‘Doing’ in his advertising career to his focus on just ‘Being’ as a yoga and meditation teacher, he now works with the magic of combining and integrating these two fundamental aspects of ourselves – Being & Doing. He also teaches yoga and mindfulness to individuals, groups and organisations as StillWorks where you will also find his popular blog ‘DoBeDoBe’ and his ‘Mindfulness Made Easy’ 6 week course. And, he’s recently launched a breathing app. Breathe Sync™ is his new biofeedback breathing app for iPhone which reduces stress and improves focus by synchronising your breathing with your heart through pulse analysis.

So you see – he is brilliantly placed to help me to get to grips with breathing, and how to do it better.

During today’s podcast, Michael shares

  • what good breathing practice is
  • why taking time to breathe correctly can help to reduce your stress levels
  • the difference between what happens in our body on our intake versus our out-take of breath
  • what our heart rate variability (HRV) is and why it’s useful and used in sports performance
  • why our breath is crucial in being able to affect positive change in the body
  • what the BreatheSync app is and how it can help to improve your health

Since recording this interview, I’ve become a huge fan of the app and now use it regularly. Not only does it help me to stick to my meditation practice, but I also use it to measure the impact of my head trash clearance sessions…. I love nothing than to see a metric measurement to see if something I’m doing is working…. if you’re intrigued as to what I mean, then all will become clear if you listen to the podcast.


If you want to find out more about Michael, you can find him here….

Follow Michael Townsend Williams on Twitter @mtownsendw

Breathe Sync™ (biofeedback breathing app for iPhone)
You can buy it on the App Store for $9.99 or £6.99

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Welldoing (Coaching)
Inside Out (self-development for young children) –