In this, my first podcast for a while, I chat to business founder Ela Senghera. Ela is the founder of Virtually Thrive, a mental health business that supports parents.

During our conversation, Ela and I talk about

  • founder anxiety an the stresses of creating and building a business
  • the importance of self care for parents
  • what you can do to care more for yourself
  • how you can prevent problems with your mental health
  • imposter syndrome, and how Ela wins it more than she doesn’t
  • how Ela practices self care and manages to remain calm during her daily stresses
  • the loss of a woman’s ‘career’ once she has kids, and how this needs to be talked about more
  • the importance of self awareness in making life choices – whether to have kids, pursuing the life dream
  • why knowing and living your values is important in being happy and pursuing your life dreams
  • how authenticity and your values are connected
  • why as a founder and business owner you need to focus on the WHY (and as a person too!)

This conversation touches on something for everyone.

To find out more about Ela, you can visit her website at or listen to her podcast Virtually Unbreakable.