Would you like to calm your mind in 10 days?

If you do you’re in the right place!


If you follow this podcast and the blog you’ll know that the one thing I’m trying to do to is to help you to clear your head trash. Clearing your head trash has a zillion brilliant benefits but one of the first things you’ll notice is that it will calm your mind. This in turn can help you sleep better, make better decisions, reduce conflict in your life… the list goes on. And this is why I want to help you. So, if there’s anything I can do to help you to achieve all this awesomeness that then I will.

After all, that’s why I started the podcast.

But, I’ve realised that there’s more I could be doing. I get quite a few emails from my podcast listeners asking for help. The things that I get asked usually includes things like

  • “…this is what I’m going through.. but what does that mean in terms of clearing my stuff?”
  • “if XXX is my head trash, then do I just put XXX in the mantras? Is that it?”
  • “”In the 5 step process, when you say do the opposite, what do you mean?”
  • I’m just not sure I’m doing it right… can I just check?

So, I thought I’d come up with something to help. I’ve come up with a new audio programme that I hope addresses all this, and more!

Calm your mind in 10 days

So today’s podcast is to tell you all about it so that you can decide whether or not it’s for you. Of course you can read out all about it here too.

Of course, the best place to start if you want to calm your mind is to grab our “5 steps to clearing head trash”, which is available for free from our home page.

Happy clearing!