Are you coping with a miscarriage?

If you have then I imagine that it wasn’t a pleasant experience, and if it was recent then you might still be finding things quite hard. And that’s not just the ladies. Men find this very hard too – their hopes and dreams are shattered in that moment and yet they don’t get the sympathy that the women often do.

If this is something that is close to your heart, then I hope that today’s podcast will help you.

I received an email from Rachel, who was struggling to cope with news of her miscarriage and she wanted help figuring out how to move past it. So, over a few emails we unpicked what was going on for her and I was able to give her a plan of head trash clearance that she could do to herself to help her get past it. As I was doing this, I thought it would be really helpful to share the process I went through with her so that others going through something similar could benefit too. And that what today’s show is… me unpicking Rachel’s head trash around her miscarriage.

During the show I recommend she uses the Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) to clear the trauma of the event first, before tackling the rest of the head trash. You can get the free download of this technique at the TAT website here.

I hope you enjoy the show.