In this episode I get to chat to one of my heroes for the second time – lucky me!

Dr Thomas Verny is the godfather of prenatal psychology and the author of the classic book The Secret Life of the Unborn Child. It was this book that was a huge inspiration to me when I wrote my first book Fearless Birthing.

In his words..

“As a psychiatrist, I have had a lifelong interest in memory and the mind. At the beginning of my career, this took me into establishing the science of Pre and Perinatal Psychology. About seven years ago I developed an interest in cellular memory and cellular intelligence. I started to read scientific journals and books on this subject. All in all, I must have read more than 5,000 papers which eventually led me to write the book that you see before you, The Embodied Mind.”

I first interviewed Dr Thomas Verny for my Fear Free Childbirth podcast and you can listen to that here.

During that conversation, Dr Verny said that he was working on his next book and I asked him to let me know when it came out so that we can have another chat. Well he did and here we are.

His latest book is The Embodied Mind and it came out late last year. We spoke just before my personal life unravelled somewhat and so I never got round to editing and publishing the podcast. But now I’m back, here it is!

In this podcast, Dr Verny explains the thinking behind his book and during our chat we talk about;

  • how we must abandon the top-down system… this thinking that the brain and head is at the heart of everything and ‘in charge’. Instead, it’s more like a horizontal system.
  • the trauma we carry in our bodies and in our cells
  • the collective trauma that’s built up – that nations have, that peoples have
  • how little attention is being paid to the collective trauma
  • hidden trauma
  • the importance of the health of parents pre-conception

and much more.

I hope you enjoy this conversation. And if you love what Dr Verny has to say, I would definitely recommend diving into hs blog which you can find here.


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