Is your life full of dreams or excuses?

We’ve all got them; dreams, burning desires and passions. But do yours feature as part of your life? Or are they locked in a safe bubble in the recesses of your mind?

What’s your excuse for not pursuing your heart’s desires? Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I’m too old
  • I haven’t got time / money etc
  • I might mess it up
  • I might fail
  • I might hate it
  • I’m scared

But these, are just figments of your mind and can be changed. If your dreams have never seen the light of day, then maybe now is the time they do.



Think about it… how long have you wanted this? Could you have done it by now? If you had, how would you life be different? How would YOU be different?

let’s look at it this way… if you DON’T go for it, all you’ll be left with are regrets… and when we look at it like that, making a choice between dreams or excuses, suddenly becomes easier – don’t you think?

In today’s podcast I want to help to DO THIS! And this is how…

  • Identify your THING
  • Then come up with your list of all your excuses as to why you’ve not done it

… then we’re going to neutralise all of your excuses to take the power out of them (using our 5 step process, of course!).

Once your excuses have lost their power, you’re free to walk all over them and DO YOUR THING!

By banishing your fears, worries and concerns, you can start to have a real chance at going for gold when it comes to your heart’s desires.

Are you ready?