What are your stress triggers?

If you’re stressed, then I’m thinking that you have a ton of stress triggers in your life… you know those things that stress you out and set you off.

But, do you know what they are?

After all, if you don’t know what they are it can make it very difficult to remove them.

But, let me get one thing straight here…. what I’m not saying is change your life, everyone in it and your living environment so that these triggers no longer exist. NO! What I AM saying is change YOU so that you stop reacting to those triggers. That way, those things can still happen but they just don’t stress you out anymore.

So, the first thing you need to do is this…

Ask yourself 2 questions;

  1. What situations stress me out?… or finish this sentence “Situations or things happening to me that stress me out include….”
  2. What behaviour in others stress me out… or finish this sentence “People cause me stress when they….”

Then once you have your list, go back to your list and ask you’ll notice this…

With the situations, you’ll notice that these situations are highlighting some of your underlying fears. But with your list of behaviours… ask yourself this: These people aren’t being WHAT?

What you’ll find is that those people aren’t behaving in accordance to how you think people should behave.. ie respectfully, with integrity, etc… in other words their actions are clashing directly with your values.

So, other people stressing you out is usually a sign that your values are in conflict with their behaviour.

Now you have a great list of stress triggers and their underlying driving factors, which has now become your Head Trash Clearance To Do List.