Are your emotions out of control?

We often hear people talk about terms like emotional mastery or emotional resilience and yet for some people these concepts can be pretty hard to fully comprehend. Mainly because until you’ve experienced something, you can’t quite get your head around it.

So, I’d like to help shed light on this by taking the opposite approach and instead taking a closer look at what is going on when emotions go bad. Sometimes, when we understand a bit more about what bad looks and feels like, we can start to get a better grasp of what the good version is like.

In today’s podcast I explore the darker side of emotions

  • the 3 ways that emotions GO BAD
  • how to recognise that you might be over run with BAD EMOTIONS
  • what the possible causes might be
  • how you can use The Emotion Code to help
  • how to return to a place of healthy emotional expression

Enjoy the show!