Did you know that the number one fear is the fear of public speaking? Isn’t that completely bonkers?!  Especially as you can’t die from it. So, what’s going on here exactly? And how can we get rid of it? Well, as you’ll know if you’ve been following our podcasts, to be able to get rid of something you need to know what needs removing and that why I want to unpick it for you. Once you have that awareness, you’re better able to start moving on from it and eliminating it from your life.

To help me do that, I’m thrilled to have the chance to chat to Nigel Risner. Nigel is an author and professional speaker who also coaches other people on becoming better speakers, which undoubtedly means that he helps them over their fear of public speaking.

During our chat Nigel shares

  • the one thing you need to do to start on the right foot (and out your fear to one side)
  • typical fears and limiting beliefs that people experience
  • why the fear of public speaking is not really a fear at all
  • what to focus on to be a GREAT speaker
  • the importance of being YOU and authentic
  • how to use storytelling, and how NOT
  • a simple structure for your talk that works every time, no matter how long you’re speaking for

And.. at the end… I take what Nigel’s shared and help you apply our 5 Step process so that you can eliminate these fears for good.



By the way… listen out for what you have to do to get a discount off Nigel’s book!