Having a fear of public speaking is incredibly common. In fact, it’s the number one fear EVER! But it doesn’t have to be.

In today’s podcast, I am thrilled to have best-selling author of How to be brilliant at public speaking, Sarah Lloyd Hughes from Ginger Training & Coaching to help us to make sense of what is happening to us when we are crippled by a fear of public speaking. Here is a lovely video of Sarah encouraging us to overcome your fear of public speaking by BEING YOURSELF!

YouTube video

As you can see, Sarah is highly engaging and a delight to listen to so today’s show is clearly going to be a treat!

During our chat, Sarah shares;

  • the 3 types of tell tale signs of someone with a fear of public speaking
  • the MAIN reason why we’re hard wired for a fear of public speaking
  • some of the less obvious signs that we’re ever so slightly scared
  • how to change our focus to dissolve our fears
  • why being ourselves is better than being like Tony Robbins
  • how we should approach speaking like we approach life

and loads more!