Goal setting rocks… yes it does! At least, it does when it’s done right.

So I started 2014 with a podcast that some in the personal development industry might describe as controversial, but I think it’s important for us to be aware of both side of the story when it comes to goals and goal setting. When done badly, your goals can backfire and it can really affect your confidence and self esteem. But, if you do them right, then you’re life can take on stellar qualities.

So that’s why I thought it would be great to get a goal setting expert on the show. Adrian Peck was on the show last week talking about motivating yourself back into exercise, but his work with Olympic athletes is essentially all about goal setting, so I thought it would be great to have him on to defend the art of goal setting and tell us how it needs to be done. Oh.. and we’re doing an event together in February, so we have a bit of a chit chat about that.

During my chat with Adrian, he shares

  • what the essential qualities of a good goal are
  • why your subconscious mind needs your goals more than your conscious mind
  • how to set about identifying your goals
  • why it’s important to ensure that your goals are aligned with your values
  • the kind of goals that SHOULDN’T be on your list
  • the importance of writing them down

And lots more!