What are your goals for 2014?

Yes! It’s that time of year when you can’t swipe your tablet without stumbling on yet another blog post encouraging you to set your new year’s resolutions for 2014.

But what if I told you that goals suck? And… that they could seriously mess you up?

Well they can! Goals can make us strive for things that can cost us dearly. And bad goals… well don’t even get me started on BAD GOALS!

To help me explain what I mean by this in today’s podcast I chat to Chris Milbank, the founder of Reflective Repatterning. Chris always loves to take the opposing view because that’s where much wisdom lies.. who ever said this was right “When others are zigging, it’s the time to zag”. So just because you’re pressured into setting new year’s resolutions, doesn’t mean you should… at least not until you’ve fully considered whether it’s the best thing for you in the long run.

During our chat, Chris explains

  • why goals are bad for us
  • what bad goals can cost us
  • the ONLY goal that really matters
  • how to avoid bad goals and work on the ONLY one!

Chris and I actually wrote a blog post on this quite a while back, which further explains our position on goals.