The Head Trash Show is back. After a long break

In this episode I talk about the head trash I’ve had to wrestle with as I’ve been pursuing my dream life.

Two years ago, we made the decision to leave the UK and move the family to France. We had always wanted to live somewhere sunny near the coast, so we decided to go for it. This was the beginning of a journey that was fraught with head trash for me. It triggered so many fears for me and it’s been hard work.

A few months into that journey, the COVID pandemic struck and added a whole new layer of fun to the experience.

Deciding to follow your dream sounds romantic and, dare I say it, easy. Well, in my experience it has not been easy. That’s no reason not to go for it, mind. I wouldn’t go back and change my decision because I’m hugely grateful for where I am, but it’s been a testing journey for sure. Probably due to all my head trash.

So today, I wanted to get back into my podcasting groove by sharing more about this journey and the head trash I’ve wrestled with.

During this episode I talk about

  • Feelings of being isolated and alone
  • Not having human connection or people to talk to
  • Uncertainty
  • How the COVID pandemic affected our dream life pursuit

I also share more about what my dreams are for Head Trash and how I want to take this into the world.

I’d love you to join me on this journey as you pursue your happy place, and perhaps your dream life too.

If you want to join others on the head trash clearance journey, them please do come and join the Clear Your Head Trash Facebook group.

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