Healing from Trauma

Trauma is something we all have to wrestle with. But not all of us choose to do so. Sometimes we’re forced into facing our traumas – as I was recently.

This is why I wanted to have a chat with someone who works with trauma, so that they can share their perspective.

Brooke is a trauma-informed coach who has experienced trauma throughout her life, and through conquering her trauma, she now focusses her time on helping others to do the same.

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About Brooke

Brooke Bownes an international trauma informed coach and therapist, author and speaker who specialises in working with midlife women to heal from mother wound by a bespoke system

Brooke has personally experienced trauma, right from birth, being born with the cord wrapped around her neck which caused medical issues, trauma from narcissist abuse and complex PTSD, loss of her home, being homeless.

She has now rebuilt her life and has changed her pain into her passion and helps women from all over the world to heal from the trauma of the mother wound and narcissist abuse, she is on a mission to raise the awareness of and heal the trauma of The Mother Wound and narcissist abuse with her programme

Find Your Power by releasing the trauma and mother wound so they can discover who they are and live the life they truly want.

Brooke has a loyal community in excess of 7000 over FB, Instagram, & emails and has written a book called You Can Have It! How to break through the self-sabotage cycle.

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It is available in most countries just search my name on Amazon and it will pop up

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