You know what they say… “healthy body healthy mind”


I’m guessing that most of us started the year by setting ourselves some goals or intentions that are ultimately there to help us to get nearer to this healthy body healthy mind thing.

Is that you?

As you crawl out of January, I’d be happy to bet that you probably find yourself in one of two camps

  • you’ve already failed miserably at your new year resolutions, probably by week 2 of 2014
  • you’ve just about completed January’s goals, but you feel that you’re going to struggle to maintain the momentum for much longer

Does that sound familiar?

Well, if this is you, then I hope that today’s podcast will help.

In today’s podcast I want to help you to kick start life changing habits that can help you to get nearer to having a healthy body and a healthy mind. Many people struggle with attempts at improving either the body or the mind, but the thing is, what’s often over-looked is the undeniable link between the two. And so, when you’re finding things hard, it may be that you’d have more success if you started with the other. As they are so closely linked, any effort at improving your body, will impact on your mind, and vice versa.

So today’s podcast I share with you

  • the link between a healthy body and a healthy mind
  • the role the power of thought plays in this
  • experiments that show us how powerful the mind really is, and therefore WHY we need to get it on side
  • why bad habits of the body are typically down to bad habits of the mind, and how to address them
  • quick and easy top tips to affect change in the body to help change the mind
  • quick and easy tips to clear the mind, to help bring about changes in the body

Enjoy the show!


During the podcast I talk about Masuro Emoto’s work, which you can watch more about right here

YouTube video