In this episode, we go behind the scenes to show what a head trash clearance journey looks like, exactly!

Celeste came to me for support with tokophobia, and this kicked off an epic healing journey for her. She has made incredible progress and has undergone quite a remarkable transformation in a relatively short amount of time.

What helped Celeste to achieve such rapid change was her appetite, determination and commitment to doing The Work. The Work being doing the clearances using Head Trash Clearance.

Now, let me be clear; Celeste has done this herself. This was a self-healing journey for her. This is what makes this such an inspirational story to share. And, it means that you too can achieve this kind of transformation.

What a Head Trash Clearance Journey looks like

This is why I invited Celeste onto the podcast for a chat. So that we could lift the lid on what she did EXACTLY;

  • What did this journey look like?
  • What resources did she use?
  • How much time did it take her?
  • What did a typical session of doing The Work look like?
  • How long was she doing all this for?

These are all the questions we dive into as part of this conversation.

Celeste shares her transformation from anxiety and tokophobia to finding calmness and clarity. She talks about her struggles with control, fear, helplessness, and a lot more.

At one point during this conversation, we both share metaphors of what the Head Trash Clearance journey can feel like; Celeste describes it as navigating up a hill and I talk about it being like renovating a kitchen.

Celeste’s Experience of Anxiety

I was curious to learn more about her experiences around anxiety, and Celeste revealed that she hadn’t been diagnosed with anxiety but had grappled with intense fear related to pregnancy and babies. Her panic attacks were a poignant reminder of the emotional toll this fear took on her.

During our conversation, Celeste reflects on her transformation and how far she has come. She shared that her journey wasn’t just about addressing tokophobia, but also unearthing underlying issues that were contributing to her tokophobia; issues such as fear of losing control, fear of pain, childhood wounds, trust issues, and a fear of feeling unsupported. These are issues that we all wrestle with. They’re not just pregnancy and birth things.

A big turning point: flipping the script on her control issues

One of the most profound moments came when Celeste realised the shift she had made around control. Initially terrified by the lack of control over her body, she eventually found peace in accepting what she could control and what was beyond her control.

This shift in thinking was big moment in her emotional healing journey.

Celeste’s Commitment to her Clearances

What I love is Celeste’s dedication to confronting her head trash – truly inspiring! She committed herself to the process, and doing the clearances that ranged from 15-30 minutes to hours, with some even taking weeks!

Despite the potential fatigue and discouragement that came with the process, she persevered, and compared it to how she would show up for herself at the gym.

Our conversation also touched upon the physical manifestations of emotional clearances, such as tingling sensations in her limbs and spontaneous tears. These visceral experiences highlight the profound impact that Head Trash Clearance can have on your mental and physical well-being.

What the Head Trash Clearance journey is REALLY about

As I listened to Celeste’s story, I was reminded of the power of self-healing, and how it really can be life-changing.

We really can heal ourselves. 

Celeste’s journey shows us that while it might seem that Head Trash Clearance is about untangling emotional knots; it’s actually about reclaiming control, finding peace, and cultivating a deep sense of self-awareness. And ultimately, strengthening your emotional resilience.

Celeste’s Tips for Head Trash Clearance

If you’re contemplating embarking on your own Head Trash Clearance journey, here’s Celeste’s advice;

  • stick with the process
  • keep a journal
  • explore connected issues
  • make it a priority in your daily life.

Each step you take towards unburdening yourself from your head trash is a step towards healing and self-discovery.

Resources mentioned during the episode:

The resources mentioned in this episode of the Head Trash Show include:

1. Fearless Birthing Book: Celeste discusses her journey of reading the Fearless Birthing Book, which provides guidance and support for addressing her fear of childbirth and pregnancy.

2. Head Trash Clearance Method: This healing modality has played a significant role in helping Celeste to uncover and heal underlying issues related to her fears and anxieties.

3. Clear Your Head Trash Book: Celeste mentions ordering this book to dive further into the head trash clearance method.

4. Self-Healing Membership: Clearance Club. My self-healing membership and community offers support for you if you’re looking to clear head trash and heal your emotional wounds. The membership includes resources, support, and guidance for those seeking to heal their emotional wounds and mental blocks.

5. Healing Group: Celeste joined one of my Tokophobia healing groups to help her to up-level her clearance journey.

About Celeste

Celeste Rollins is from East Tennessee in the US. This past year, she put the dots together and learned her lifelong fears concerning pregnancy and childbirth translated to an actual phobia (Tokophobia). Not one to sit passively when introspective growth is needed, she sent herself on a quest for knowledge, answers, and solutions. Eventually her journey led her to my podcasts, the Head Trash Clearance Method, and the Tokophobia Support Program — all of which were game changers for her.

Episode Time Stamps:

00:00 Understanding head trash clearance and its impact.
03:10 Emphasizing the impact of resources for personal development.
09:07 Congratulations for starting the conversation on tokophobia.
10:13 Connected dots, head trash, journey of understanding.
13:43 Identify head trash, clear with personalized list.
18:12 Discussing head trash and healing metaphors creatively.
23:49 Navigating head trash, clearing, shifts, signs.
26:56 Little control over bodily functions; only ourselves.
28:06 Lack of control over bodily functions as woman.
32:59 Increased happiness and calmness through head trash clearance.
36:24 Struggling with tokophobia and avoiding pregnant women.
39:19 Reassuring friends about life choices and growth.
40:45 Impressive transition from washing ball to snooker.
46:07 Emptied mind leads to better sleep and energy.
48:03 Advice for clearing head trash: challenging but rewarding.
53:00 Join the self-healing community at