If you’ve been wondering how to stop smoking then you are are going to LOVE this week’s podcast. This week I chat to fellow Head Trash Clearance specialist, Shaun Hopkins, about how to stop smoking using Head Trash Clearance.

I’ve been asked many times

What makes this podcast brilliant is Shaun’s story. Shaun has been smoking since he was 14 years old and due to certain life events was also sufferer of PTSD, so smoking was a huge coping mechanism for him. But, Shaun was not only smoking cigarettes, but he as also smoking weed… LOTS OF WEED! In fact in his words, he was smoking GARGANTUAN amounts of weed. And he means it! You have to listen to find out exactly how much.

Over the years Shaun had tried lots of things to quit smoking, but none of them had worked. So he thought he’d tackle some of the fears that he had around stopping, without trying to actually stop.

He never thought for one minute he’s end up stopping WITHOUT EVEN TRYING! You read that right. When he sat down to clear his fears around stopping, it was not his intention to stop, because that was just too scary for him.

So in today’s podcast, Shaun shares with us exactly what he did to stop smoking.

How to stop smoking using Head Trash Clearance

In a nutshell this is what he did;

  1. Asked himself this “what is stopping me from stopping smoking?”
  2. Smoked a joint.
  3. Brainstormed a list
  4. Smoked a joint.
  5. Cleared each item on his list in turn using the 5 step process. In between joints.
  6. Cleared the opposite for each item on his list. In between joints.

That’s it!

So if you’ve been desperate to find out how to stop smoking, then look no further.

It’s now been 4 months since he smoked and he simply not interested in smoking. He’s achieved total neutrality around smoking, both cigarettes and weed / cannabis.

Have you tried to stop smoking before? How did you get on? What did you do? If you decide to try this, we’d love to know how you get on. Let us know in the comments!