If you’re feeling like life is a bit rubbish and you need to turn things around, then I hope that today’s guest will inspire you to do just that.

Tanya Mann RennickToday I’m chatting to Tanya Mann Rennick about how to turn your life around, or more specifually how she managed to turn her life around. Tanya will be sharing her guiding STARR principles that she used to transform her life from a stay-at-home mum who was bored with the lack of sparkle in her life, to a successful entrepreneur and a sought-after inspirational speaker who has spoken at the Houses of Parliament and at the EU in Brussels.

How to turn your life around

During our chat Tanya shares what her STARR principles are and how you can tap into them to experience some transformational sparkliness in your life.

The STARR principles are;





Right now-ness

Tanya also dishes out some wonderful stories, snippetts of wisdom and a ton of fabulous energy. All very inspiring!

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What do you think of Tanya’s story? Do her principles resonate with you? What’s worked for you in your life? Tell me in the comments!