Insomnia and not being able to sleep is a nightmare. Not only can it be horrible when you’re in that dark sleeplessplace, but it’s the aftermath and the rubbish day that follows when you’ve not had enough sleep. Persisent insomnia can soon spill into other health issues as the body becomes stressed from lack of sleep, and it struggles to maintain a healthy balance and keep the healing function working 100%.

The thing is, it can be difficult to pin down WHY we’re suffering from insomnia and not sleeping.

Why do we suffer from insomnia?

  • is it the racing thoughts in our head?
  • is it something that we ate?
  • is it because we’re stressed?
  • is it something else entirely that is buried so deep that we have no clue?!

I’ve received quite a few emails from listeners asking for help on this… mainly because for them, it’s the racing thoughts that they’re struggling with. So, I thought I’d seek out someone who helps people to overcome sleep problems.

insomniaIn today’s podcast I chat to Chel Hamilton. Chel is a Hypnotherapist who specialises in helping people who struggle with insomnia.

During our chat Chel shares some brilliant insights and tips to help you get back to having a good nights sleep… things like

  • why you need a “caving down” habit
  • the importance of a dark room… and why it matters
  • why we need a sleep ritual… and what it might involve
  • a super simple quick technique for clearing negative thoughts

During our chat, Chel shares some brilliant resources;