Earlier this year we carried out a survey and grilled our lovely subscribers on a heap of questions. One of the things we asked was whether there would be any interest in a podcast. YES YES YES!!! was the response. So, after lots of trial and error… and lots of practising!… I’m super thrilled to announce the launch of The Head Trash Show.

My goal with this podcast is to teach you how to create some head space by helping you to unpick what’s blocking you and sharing some tips and how-to’s for clearing it. Tune in every week as I share simple strategies to help you to achieve confidence and clarity in your life and business.

Each episode will be between 10 and 20 minutes so that you can learn to master your head space in bite size chunks. I’ll also be listing this podcast on iTunes too, to make it super simple for you to stay tuned.

In the first episode, I share with you the story behind Head Trash as well as offering you a glimpse of what you can expect from future shows.

Of course, I’d love you to get involved with the show, so if you have any questions, requests or ideas then just email me at hello@headtrash.co.uk or contact me through the website contact form.

And now for the show!


Running time: 19 minutes.

If you enjoyed the show, I would love it if you give me a review on iTunes as this will help us get into the New & Noteworthy section, which would be fabulous!