Is love flowing in your life?

You know what they say…

“Love is all around you. It’s everywhere you go.”  

“Love lifts us up where we belong.”

“All you need is love!”

So how does love feature in your life? Is it flowing abundantly? Or are there blocks? Maybe you find it hard to express love. Perhaps you make it hard for people to love you… maybe even preventing anyone from getting to close to even try.

True happiness has love at its heart and if love isn’t flowing for you, then happiness is only fleeting. But I’m not just talking about romance here. I’m talking about the most important relationship of all. The one you have with yourself. Until you love yourself, all other relationships will struggle to flourish.

When you love yourself, you nurture yourself and look after yourself. Destructive habits and behaviours are so much harder to maintain when you respect and love yourself. It’s the beginning of any journey where you seek to live a better version of yourself.

So, to help you to bring more love into your life, whether its to connect better and deeper with those around you, or with yourself, I’d like to give you a gift; a head trash clearance audio session to clear any blocks that you might have around love.

This 38 minute session has been known to be pretty powerful, with many who have listened to it.

Here’s one person’s experience of listening to it

“I did the love trash session last night! My sister and I listened to it. My other half was in the room also and he was yawning like mad 😉 It was great to do, lots of interesting things came up for me like hating the responsibility love brings and the ties it brings but also lots of positives too. My sister dreamt last night after the session that she kissed a guy. I’m hoping it has opened her up to to meeting someone – I’ll let you know”

The sister met someone shortly afterwards and got married a year later!

So, are you ready to free your love head trash?