Is it it hard for you to find motivation to exercise?

Don’t we all? I certainly do. But it’s at this time of year that it’s at the front of our minds. We’ve just come out of the holiday season and more than likely we’ve eaten far more that we should have done, and probably drank a little bit more than we should have done too. The result? A little extra body weight!

So, as we start the year with fresh intentions, I thought I’d help you out and find someone who can help us to get motivated when it comes to exercise and getting back to the gym.

Because let’s be honest, the main reason that we fail to start or maintain our exercise habit, is because we find it hard to stay motivated.

So how would you like to find the insider secrets on finding motivation to exercise?

During today’s podcast I chat to Adrian Peck. Adrian is the UK’s number 1 sports hypnotist and he works with elite athletes, Olympic medalists and he worked with many of our very own Team GB at last year’s Olympics, so he’s brilliantly placed to talk about staying motivated when it comes to exercise.

You are GOING TO LOVE what Adrian has got to share when it comes to understanding what it takes to motivate yourself to exercise… it’s so damn simple!

I’m not going to give it away, because half of the magic is understanding WHY these simple strategies work… just take my word for it!

Just have a listen!