KinesiologyThe aim of this site, and my podcast, is to help you to clear your head trash. There are loads of methods and approaches that exist to help you to do that. Some work better than others, but also, some people respond better to some methods than to others. So, that’s why, I want to bring you alternative approaches for you to try. It maybe that out of all the things that you’ve tried so far, that you’ve not had any luck… but maybe all of that could change once you try something else.

So in today’s podcast, I want to explore Kinesiology and muscle-testing.

Kinesiology and muscle testing

Kinesiology is a great way of clearing head trash and it is often what people are wrestling with when they decide to visit a Kinesiologist. To help shed light on what Kinesiology is and how it might help you, on today’s podcast I’ve got the fabulous Kerry Rowett from Awaken Kinesiology. Kerry came to work as a Kinesiologist as a result of the transformation that she experienced as a result from her Kinesiology experience which she shares during our chat.

You can find out more about Kerry right here

YouTube video

Another reason why I really wanted to share more about Kinesiology and muscle testing is that, when you combine muscle testing with our Head Trash Clearance Method, you’re able to crank up the results you can achieve for yourself, simply because you’re able to communicate directly with your mind and body. Kerry shares more about how she does this during our chat.

Here is a video where Kerry explains more about Kinesiology and how it works

YouTube video



During our chat, we also talked about the book, The Emotion Code, by Dr. Bradley Nelson. It’s not the first time this book has come up – testament that it’s worth getting a copy of! The reason we mentioned it today is that it’s a great place to start if you want to learn the basics of muscle testing for yourself.

Have you tried Kinesiology? Or, having listened to Kerry, is it something that you think you might want to try? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to know!