What are your deepest darkest fears?

  • to have a life-threatening accident?
  • fear of death or dying?
  • to risk losing use of your arms / legs / eyes etc?

What if it were possible to find out what it’s like to experience all of those? And what if you actually found out that they’re not as bad as you might imagine? Well, stop right there… you can! Just by listening to today’s podcast.

deathOn today’s podcast, I’m hugely honoured to have Catherine Holland on the show. Catherine is the survivor of a horrific bike accident that left her bleeding to death in the middle of the road with her leg smashed in over 12 places. The medics can’t believe she survived… apparently if you lose 15% of your blood you die… Catherine lost 50% of her blood and is here to tell the tale. But not only that, but she has regained her active life. Quite a remarkable story of recovery and healing.

Are you afraid of death?

During our chat, Catherine shares her incredible story that includes

  • her near-death experience: the moment she decided to “come back” and choose life to see her children grow up
  • what dying feels like
  • what she did to help her not only survive but recover remarkably
  • how her experience as a breathworker helped her to stay alive until she made it to hospital
  • what she believes she can owe her healing ability to
  • how her near death experience helps to inform her work with people who want to die or are close to death
  • how her experience of rebirthing gives her a perspective on the reasons why some people feel attracted to dying
  • how our birth experience can form the blueprint for our pattern of head trash that we wrestle with throughout our lives

As you can see, this conversation doesn’t hold back and take it from me, it is incredibly fascinating. Let me tell you that during our chat, my mind was being blown the whole time… you can probably tell from my voice! In fact, I was so absorbed by it, that I completely forgot to let Catherine share her online details. So here they are…

You can find her website right here and at the moment she is running a special deal 50% off her Beta Programmes so if you’re tempted to work one-to-one with Catherine now is the time!

Catherine Holland’s Books



This short film explores the journey of breathing consciously, through the eyes of those who have been practicing breathwork for varying lengths of time. Breathwork is a little known practice, which has been used for millennia to transform states of awareness. “Choosing Life” presents conscious breathing as a choice to grow and expand awareness, rather than to remain in the unconscious limited breathing pattern of survival.

YouTube video


What did you think of what Catherine’s story of her near-death experience? What are your thoughts of what she said about the impact of our births on our emotional lives?